Most Steroid Users Are Looking For Aesthetic Not Performance Enhancement

Contrary to popular belief, those who seek to use steroids are not looking for an unfair sporting advantage but are non-athletes merely wanting to look more physically appealing. The popular conception is that steroids are at the forefront of major, professional sporting competitions with the majority of users looking to gain an unfair advantage over their rivals. Initially this had […]

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Do Steroids Pose A Short Term Risk? The British Medical Journal Says So

According to new research by the British Medial Journal, even short term oral steroid use can cause harmful effects that were not understood beforehand by medical professionals. It has always been known the risks that long term use of corticosteroids posed, yet the short term risks weren’t available to hand. What are corticosteroids used for? Corticosteroids are commonly used to treat […]

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Is There Really A Steroid Crisis Within Amateur Sport?

Investigation According the the UK Anti-Doping agency steroid use is almost at crisis point within every level of sport, including amateur level. According to reports those who compete in amateur sport 35% of them questioned knew of someone who had used or uses performance enhancing drugs. Up to 8% of those questioned admitted to steroid use. STEROIDS IN SPORT: Read […]

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