Should Female Athletes Have A Maximum Allowed Level Of Testosterone?

Is It Fair If They Naturally Have More Testosterone? With the rise in popularity of women’s sporting events, is it fair if one particular athlete has more testosterone than the other’s? I am not talking about steroid cheating, just naturally occurring testosterone. Surely a woman with much higher levels are going to perform much like a male athlete and produce […]

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Supplement Ingredients You Definitely Should Avoid

As supplements gain increasing popularity be it to increase strength, size, cut fat, improve immunity or even recharge your brain, it is important to ensure you know what you are consuming. Supplements are not regulated like food and drugs; therefore, it can open the floodgates to unscrupulous manufacturers who will load products with ingredients without much thought to the potential […]

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The Common Cause Of Back Pain

Lower back pain is fraught among lifters and it will most likely affect at least one lifter in their time, especially if you are looking to make some real development in your size and strength whereby your body is constantly on the limit. The majority of back problems stem from movements that involve the highest degree of technical difficulty such […]

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