Is Over Training A Real Issue? Can You See Good Muscular Growth With Shorter Training Cycles?

Some schools of thought believe that over training will hinder your performance. Now, this is a tricky one to deal with. Those who are adamant natty’s i.e they do not take any drugs/steroids believe that the body cannot survive daily punishment of the muscles. People like Rich Piana and even Lee Priest is saying that there’s no such thing as […]

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Rugby Star Jamie Roberts’ Big Breakfast // Could You Handle It?

Welsh Rugby, British & Irish Lions and Harlequins player Jamie Roberts takes his breakfast pretty seriously. In fact, after just a cardio session a photo of Jamie’s breakfast went viral. Weighing in at 242lbs/110kg, Jamie requires lots of healthy, nutritious food to ensure he doesn’t lose weight while pushing his cardiovascular system to the limit in preparation for his matches. […]

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Lee Priest Discusses SARMS // Cuts Straight To The Point

What is it with SARMs? Sounding like some military acronym, SARMs are what are known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator’s. Derived from cancer treatment drugs, the idea is that they promote muscle tissue growth and target the tissue without presenting the nasty side effects more commonly associated with anabolic steroids. Experience I have tried these myself, doing a course of […]

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