Aerobic Exercise Can Combat Alzheimer’s

As we face an increasingly elderly population particularly in the West and Japan, acute Alzheimer’s is becoming even more widespread. As is the awareness and multiple ways of research in to prevention and treat cognitive impairment One such treatment is free, drug free and completely natural yet can offer quite incredible benefits to those who participated in research. The treatment? […]

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Life Long Group Participation Leads To Increased Cognitive Function

Recent studies have revealed that to improve our cognitive function being party of a social, sport, voluntary or even political group can improve cognitive function for people when they hit 50 years of age. The research involved a cross section of people from England, Scotland and Wales which amounted to 9119 participants and the results were published in the BMC […]

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Weightlifters Are More Intelligent!

Ever wondered why The Rock is the highest paid actor on earth? It’s because he is smarter than your ass. Why? Because he lifts, bro. Okay, that’s most likely not the reason, although I am not entirely sure of his IQ score… Findings However, studies on those who are showing early signs of dementia suggest that lifting weights has the […]

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