Will These Foods Accelerate Weight Loss?

There are no miracles or secrets to weight loss, as much as we are told there is in the press. However, while there aren’t any secrets, the required consistency, dedication and will power is still extremely difficult for most to adhere to. As a result, many fad diets hit the headlines all promising rapid results for little sacrifice. However, it […]

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Caffeine Helps Cognitive Function

There’s an awful lot of warnings and cautionary tales out there about caffeine and having too much per day. I, personally drink way too much coffee than I really should, but is the hype really to be trusted? Like most things, we get told something is terrible for us, then on the flip of the coin we are told to […]

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Proprietary Blend: Two most dangerous words in the supplement biz.

Supplements are a minefield. There’s so many of them for so many goals. Do you want to lose weight, increase testosterone, increase protein synthesis, alleviate joint pain, increase brain power, build muscle, have better skin or even just feel ‘better’? No fear, because there is a supplement out there and another for anything else you may think of and another […]

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