MuscleTech PEAK SX-7 Pre-workout And Testosterone Booster Review // Can It Boost Energy And Increase Testosterone Levels?

First Look: This falls under the SX-7 banner from MuscleTech and we have already reviewed 2 other products from this line. Unfortunately, MuscleTech products so far have never really lived up to the hype. They all look great; of a good quality, well thought out, eye catching packaging and a strong brand albeit this one does look to be the […]

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CytoSport Fast Twitch Pre-workout Review

First Look: Most pre-work out supplements come in the form of a powder which you mix with water, they are usually a sour ‘fruit punch’ flavor and a bit gritty. This though is different, this comes in the form of a RTD ‘ready to drink’ bottle, a bit like soda. You drink it all before your workout and reap the […]

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The Benefits Of Nitric Oxide For Your Workout

Many people are simply unaware of Nitric Oxide and its benefits in the body, and especially the benefits for those looking for fitness gainz. In fact you would be forgiven for being ignorant of its use, it was only first discovered in the 1970’s when the short lived gas by Nobel Prize Winning researchers. But why the importance? I hear […]

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