Improve Your Cycling With Two Exercises

        If you’re an avid cyclist, follow these two simple exercises to increase your ability If you love getting out on your bicycle and riding, you may wish to improve your performance. There are a couple of exercises which can be performed to increase strength, mobility and also covers flexibility which are all key for cyclists. This […]

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Common Training Mistakes For Women

How many times have you been hitting that gym and for how many years? Are you still not noticing any progress or it seems to have stalled? Did you ’employ’ a half wit personal trainer who seemed more bothered about your cleavage rather than your progress? The chances are you have been misinformed along the way, as such you are […]

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Can Exercise Affect Female Libido?

Is there a link between female libido and exercise? According to a professor from the University of Texas, USA, there certainly is. Over a period of 20 years, a number of research projects have cemented a link between serious physical exercise and sexual arousal in females. Central Nervous System This is because high intensity exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system […]

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