Unsure Whether Weight Training Is For You?

Long gone are the days of underground basement gyms full of knucklehead, skinhead men dripping with Jan Tana oil. No, gyms are more welcoming than a Starbucks these days and open to all ages and genders. Whatever your aims and goals it is certainly worthwhile incorporating weight lifting to your regime. This type of exercise uses resistance to improve and […]

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Reasons For Women To Lift Weights

Many ladies avoid the weights room in the gym and it is completely understandable. Many knuckleheads screaming, throwing and glaring. Not to mention being pervy at the mere sight of a female. However, there are further misconceptions as well… Many ladies took one sight of Madonna with her bursting veins and sinewy muscular delts and thought that was the result […]

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Do You Commit These 7 Olympic Weightlifting Sins?

The aim of this piece is to rectify some common mistakes that are often seen during competition and training which prevents the lifters from reaching their potential in the snatch, clean, jerk, squat, and pulls. Pulled Forward/Falling Backwards Re: Snatch/Clean Proper balance is required throughout the feet during the first and second pull to ensure a successful lift. A shortfall in […]

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