The Barometer of success!

No, not your BMW, not the Rolex…your all over muscular gains!  The rest just ties it nicely together…if you’re bothered about that stuff. Never get caught up, like soooo many of our bro’s do, in the religious gym visitations. Being at the gym 24/7 does not mean you are successful at lifting, it is not the barometer of success. If […]

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Looking to jack up your training program?

You want more gains, right?  Don’t we all!  Simple, the bro at the gym says to get jacked you need to increase the intensity just like he does…7 days a week in the gym obliterating every muscle and taking selfies in the mirrors…awesome. He’s wrong, so fucking wrong – if you are natty, jacking the intensity is just going to […]

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Reminders for all workout programs

Although gains maybe visible and you’re making steady progress on your current program you may find you will make further gains if you trained each exercise and/or body part less often. Ensure your full body work out program is split over a period of 2 weeks. The additional rest and reduced demands on your recovery system maybe just what your body […]

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