iFORCE NUTRITION Garcinia Cambogia Extract Fat Burner Review

iFORCE NUTRITION Garcinia Cambogia Extract Fat Burner Review First Look: Although summer is literally passing me by quicker than a Japanese Bullet Train I am still excited and still hopeful for a bit more sunshine laying on a beach or by a pool, this time without gastroenteritis hopefully. That was dreadful. Utterly dreadful and really fucked my vacation up. However, […]

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Foods High In Lutein Can Improve Attention & Cognitive Function

A recent study by researchers from the University of Illinois, US. have discovered that people who posses a higher level of lutein have brains that perform on par with people younger to themselves and their peers. Foods that include lots of lutein include spinach, kale and avocado. This research was published in the journal Frontiers in Ageing Neuroscience. The study comprised […]

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Green Tea’s Anti-Obesity And Cognitive Enhancing Power’s

With many ingredients found in supplements and food stuffs, the ‘science’ behind the reasoning is purely based on anecdotal ‘evidence’. This means, it hasn’t been proven in human testing and is purely based upon a persons thoughts and how they feel they were affected by the ingredient. However, not all ingredients fall under this banner. Green Tea has recently been […]

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