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These Are The Best Pre Workout Supplements TODAY!

Do you find it increasingly difficult to motivate yourself to hit the gym at 5am or when you have finished work, eaten, put the kids to sleep and trying to grab the last remnants of the day?

If you said “yes” to either of those two questions, then you are in the same boat as not only me, but lots of other people all vying to squeeze more time from the standard issue 24 hours.

Like me you may work long hours, or spend much of your day just driving to work and back.

The Struggle Is Real

By the time I return home it is usually past 8pm and I left for work at 6:30am.

After driving home for a monotonous 2 hours on the freeway it is all too tempting to skip the gym and hit the couch.

If only there was something that we could take that would kick us up the ass and focus our attention of smashing up the gym and strong arming your way through that bastard of a plateau you’ve been suffering for the past month.

Well there is a solution…

The Solution

Well, if you have been living your life as a hermit in a cave over the past 10 odd years you will not likely know about pre workout supplements.

These set themselves far apart from regular energy drinks by the likes of Red Bull or Monster.

Nope, these extreme pre workout supplements blaze their own trail in terms of performance enhancing, focus and energy.

We all suffer from fatigue; be it mental or physical exhaustion, in fact it can be a killer due to accidents caused by a deterioration of attention and focus.

However, there is hope.

I, your guinea pig, have been smashing through lots of these pre workout supplements in order to find the best one, considering as I am myself a prime candidate for such products.

It is no lie nor secret that I am absolutely shattered when I arrive home from work.

As much as I love lifting weights and playing rugby I would be lying if when I returned home or on a Saturday morning I didn’t just want a rest. A lay down, a snooze…anything other than putting my body through stress and massive exertion.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

However, idleness and a lack of physical activity can lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity plus the ones you can not see such as mental illnesses.

Now, all of that may seems like a bit of dramatization for a pre workout supplement.

However, when you skip one session per week it can soon snowball…next thing you know you have bed sores and you are 2 months away from eating yourself to death! Okay…that was a bit extreme.

Yet, if you can find a little something to just give you that edge and drag your sorry ass to the gym or even improve your sporting performance it is worth it…hence my devotion to such a task.

Top 3 Pre Wokouts #1. 4GAUGE #2. BPI Sports 1.M.R Vortex #3. Optimum Nutrition Pre Workout
My Results
Supplement Website Visit Site Visit Site Visit Site
Dose 2 scoops – 14g 1 scoop – 3g 1 scoop – 11g
Shipping Global
(From USA & UK)
70 countries Global via third party channels
Manufacture location USA Unknown Global manufacturing facilities
Taste Sour fruit with hints of cherry – amazing! Pleasant fruit punch – wish it had more of a hit though. Mixed fruit – wish it was sharper but nice all the same.
Ordering process Direct from manufacturer Direct from manufacturer From ON or 3rd party outside USA.
Natural & Legal Yes Yes Yes
Proprietary Blend No Yes No
Price & Payment $45.00 (multi-buy offers available) Pay via paypal or 4 currencies $27.99 $61.99 payment in 5 currencies
Suitable For Gym goers, endurance athletes, rugby, soccer, drivers, machine operators… Intense weight lifting sessions or high impact, explosive sports. Hangover! Weightlifting, endurance sports anything requiring a burst of energy.
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The Best Pre Workout Supplements Used By Myself

Yes, being a worn out old fruit with many tasks to juggle including the sole dependent named Molly (my rescue cat) I need a pre workout before I hit the gym or play rugby.

A pre workout helps me focus – my mind can wander too easily, the next thing I know I have been sat just thinking or daydreaming for 20 minutes.

A pre workout also can help me continue to hit the gym with the ferocity of a 25 year old…unfortunately my joints don’t seem to recover quite as quickly!


It also keeps me awake, I have taken a pre workout before driving a long distance and I have been known to use one for a hangover, it genuinely works.

The Benefits: Cures a hangover! Provides a nice sustainable surge of energy. Heightens focus and concentration. Fights fatigue. Increases blood flow and Nitric Oxide production.

Visit the BPI Site

Best of all, unlike many supplements that can promise you the moon and Pluto yet deliver nothing more than disappointment and regret, you Know within about 20 minutes whether or not it works and if you have got value for money.

Look At Gold Standard

Best of best of all…most pre workout supplements are actually cost effective and compare more favorably to the usual energy drinks such as Monster or Red Bull.

There’s plenty to choose from, but these are my TOP 3 FAVORITES.

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> Increase Strength

> Improve Overall Well Being

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