Top 3 Recommended Testosterone Boosters

These Are The Best Testosterone Boosters Available Today!

Do you feel like have hit a plateau with your training and that you just cannot get past that particular weight in the gym on the bench or squat?

Do you feel like you are not getting any bigger or putting on extra pounds of muscle?

Do you know how testosterone boosters can help?


So did I, for quite a while I was struggling with 308lbs on the bench. I just could not get past it regardless. I could not put any more weight on and felt like I was stagnating at no heavier than 170lbs. It frustrated the hell out of me.


Alternatively, it could be that you have found yourself now seemingly stuck in the drudgery of work and family life with an overwhelming feeling of lethargy, moodier, low libido and finding that your muscle mass has been replaced with softer arms, chest and stomach?

What’s the cause?

These are all common signs of low testosterone. You may naturally have low testosterone levels or you may now be over the age of 30, of which you naturally lose 10% over each passing decade.

You Can Effectively, Legally and Safely Raise Testosterone Levels

Top 3 Test Boosters No. 1 TestoFuel

*Best On The Market*

No. 2 Prime Male No. 3 UPSURGE
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The Best Testosterone Boosters Trialed And Used By Myself

UntitledIt maybe that you have taken a walk down the steroid/ProHormone route and you need an effective testosterone booster as part of your Post Cycle Therapy (PCT). Without such you will not be able to naturally raise your testosterone levels quick enough once your cycle has finished to retain that strength and size.

I want to offer you sage advice on what supplements, routines, exercises and food you should be utilizing for optimum gains in and out of the gym which can improve your quality of life and increase muscle.

Natural testosterone boosters are a great way to trigger testosterone production, naturally.  In conjunction with a booster, a good weights program hitting the big compound lifts will help you build muscle, cut fat and increase your strength.

The Official Top 3 Natural Testosterone Boosters

No.1 – TestoFuel



The No.1 Testosterone Booster on the market.


TestoFuel is proven to:

  • Build muscle
  • Increase strength
  • More energy

Testofuel is a great product with a plethora of working (100% natural) ingredients supported by research and studies.

  • 2300mg of D-Aspartic Acid
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 5000IU Vitamin D3
  • Zinc, Magnesium, B6 included

Myself plus thousands of other guys use this to increase testosterone levels for strength, size or just to feel better.

I packed on 16lbs of lean muscle. Grab some legal gains and read my review.

Head straight to their website:

No.2 – Prime Male

Our No.2 Recommended Testosterone Booster!

The No.2 Recommended Testosterone Booster!


Prime Male will:

  • Increase libido
  • Increase vitality
  • Increase testosterone

Prime Male is aimed more specifically at the older man who wants to benefit, not necessarily from just packing on huge slabs of muscle, but rather the increased energy levels, increased libido and reversed muscular dystrophy that becomes common as men age.

  • Formulated for older men
  • 1600mg D-Aspartic Acid
  • Backed by ex-NFL players
  • Boron to reduce inflammation

It packs a massive hit of 12 scientifically proven booster ingredients which are 100% natural and suited to even the most ardent gym rat thanks to the anti inflammatory ingredient: Boron.

As with TestoFuel, this company also provide you with a money back guarantee and a wealth of positive testimonials not least from ex-football players; Andre Reed and Scott Zolak who love the results of restoring their male hormone levels.

This product really help me when I was suffering from a recurring rotator cuff injury from playing rugby. Read my review here.

You can head straight over to their website:

No.3 –  Outlier Nutrition UPSURGE

No.3 recommended testosterone booster.



  • Cost Effective
  • Legal
  • Effective

As with TestoFuel and Prime Male, this product offers a broad range of clinically proven ingredients. This is only forced to 3rd place due to the inclusion of Tribulus which is not proven to stimulate more testosterone production. It should have included Fenugreek instead.

  • D3
  • 2000mg D-Aspartic Acid
  • High dose
  • Great for all guys

The recommended dose of 6 tablets daily with over 4200mg per daily serving is great. Strong doses of D3 and Magnesium plus D-Aspartic Acid make this a viable contender and one to consider. Take a look at my review here.

You could just head to their website:


There are many testosterone boosters from many well established ‘traditional’ bodybuilding brands on the market which can cloud your judgment by offering hugely different ingredients.

Yet, clinical studies and research has identified a select number of ingredients which have proven, when combined in the correct ratios to stimulate your own body to produce up to 42% more testosterone which will regain strength, libido, lean muscle mass and energy.

What is remarkable are the sheer number of products available in stores or on-line that do not include any of these identified proven ingredients and instead rely on anecdotal ‘evidence’ as well as masking the real ingredient levels with a proprietary blend. These products need to be avoided.

An additional consideration is the legality and safety of some products. I have tested a huge amount of supplements and on a good number of occasions there have been instances where synthetic chemical compounds are included.

These can not only be illegal in some countries/states but also feature on the banned substance list; if you play sport this could ruin your career or any future aspirations, not to mention the health implications.

So, through thorough research and my own real life physical testing I have found out which ones actually perform and what are worth you hard earned cash.

We Expose The Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

> Build Slabs Of Muscle

> More Energy

> Lose The Belly

> Increase Strength

> Improve Overall Well Being

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