3 Simple Tips To Melt Away Belly Fat And Get That Six Pack


3 Ways to get a toned stomach

Fed up of pounding the streets or treadmill which leaves your joints painful and your feet numb?

Or are you planning on getting on your bike to join the rest of the MAMILs (middle adged men in lycra)?  But, what common similarities do you notice with these men..?

They may well be lean, but they are beanpole thin with no shape, they have no defining masculine feature or body shape.

It’s all well and good getting that 32 inch waist but why would you want an exposed sternum and saggy, limp nipples?

The best way to achieve a 6 pack physique is sometimes by illusion.

This can be achieved by lifting weights and performing resistance exercises, not by swallowing flies and looking hollow cheeked, sallow and generally ill.

By utilizing compound exercises you will produce the biggest illusion of a small waist. When your shoulders, chest and back are nice and broad it creates a taper to your waist line making you look much thinner in clothing.

However, it is all not smoke and mirrors, a six pack can truly be created by utilizing the free weights and compound exercises.

The notion behind revealing a six pack is reducing body fat, for most people this does seem to sit around the midriff.

Running and cycling is a great way to burn calories whilst exercising.

However, performing compound exercises such as deadlifts and the bench press not only requires great amounts of energy to perform it raises the metabolic rate, and it keeps it elevated even once you have finished grunting in the gym, not something cardio does.

Additionally, it raises testosterone levels, higher testosterone levels helps to increase muscle mass it also cuts fat. And, more muscle burns more calories just to maintain itself, therefore the more muscle you pack, the more calories burnt just sitting still. 


Essentially to lose fat (not necessarily weight) a calorie deficit is required, that means you needs to burn more calories than you consume.

This can be done by eating less, or exercising more.

We prefer the latter of the two, not only that we think that you should be eating more of the nutritious, raw foods which will benefit you and lessen the processed, refined foods that are nothing more than empty calories.

Raw nutritious (and usually cheaper) foods are way more filling meaning bringing your calorie count down is easier which makes the deficit simpler to achieve.

Certain foods will contain ingredients and properties that are going to be beneficial to stimulate more testosterone.

We bring testosterone up again because more of that means more muscle and less fat.

So why would you not want to eat yourself to more testosterone, especially when it is relatively easy? In fact, it is really easy.

So what foods should we eat?

Fish is a great place to start, especially those high in levels of Omega-3 like mackerel, herring and even tuna isn’t too bad.

The reasoning behind this is because Omega-3 increases insulin sensitivity which greatly oxidizes fat cells and can reduce cortisol levels which is great for testosterone production, notwithstanding the anti-inflammatory properties which will ensure you do not skip that gym session because of pain.

And, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Be sure not to discount meats, especially:


-Beef liver



There are also some great fruits to include as well, such as:




Seeds and nuts are equally at nutritious and filling, be damned if you do not eat:

-Sunflower seeds

-Pumpkin seeds

-Sesame seeds


Sweet potato’s, wheat and corn are also great additions.

Keep everything as natural and as raw as possible, if required, use extra virgin olive oil on salads and coconut oil for frying or baking to avoid trans-fats.


In order to accelerate the process you want to look in to natural supplements.

Choosing a fat burner should be based on a plethora of all natural and proven ingredients. Fat burners work by raising the temperature of the body which raises the metabolism to burn more calories.

Stimulants such as caffeine are added as well as green tea which all raise metabolic rate, break down fat and provide energy to work your sorry ass off at the gym.

If you are not particularly transfixed by the stimulant effects of a fat burner, a testosterone booster will also help due to the already mentioned benefits are more testosterone which decreases fat and increases muscle mass.

The rules are the same when looking for a testosterone booster as they are with a fat burner.

Ensure there are approximately 8 natural and proven ingredients which can work in unison to stimulate as much testosterone production as possible.

In both cases ensure you DO NOT buy a product that contains a proprietary blend; a proprietary blend is a scam which enables a manufacturer to hide the exact content of each ingredients which is not particularly useful when certain ingredients need to be dosed accurately to be effective.

Providing you follow the rules for the supplements you can also stack them to get a double whammy which can be particularly effective.

It is important to be aware that if you overly rush the fat loss plan it will not be sustainable.

I know of and have witnessed a good number of people who enter a ‘three month body transformation’ with  the sole intention of creating an amazing ‘after’ photograph for the comparison.

A quick fat loss regime involves extreme nutrition, exercising and then a period of fasting and then extreme dehydration (involving drinking red wine) to create the perfect ripped ‘after’ photo which makes the PT look brilliant but then the client immediately puts the weight back on and loses all of the ‘gains’.

This method is not sustainable and is not healthy.

It is far more sustainable to lose the fat and build the muscle over a longer period of time which allows your body and mind to get used to the gradual lifestyle changes, then the gains will be far more longer lasting and effective for life.

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