50% of men over 50 report erectile dysfunction

Latest figures show that over half of men who are over 50 years of age suffer from impotency

As people age they generally start to slow down their pace of life, they may even see their levels of physical activity dwindle and their food intake either sty the same or even increase.

All of this can lead to lower levels of energy, reduced levels of lean muscle mass and increased levels of fat mass.

Another common change that many men are facing up to is the increased chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Astonishingly, the rate of erectile dysfunction correlates with the age of those men who suffer from it.

40% of men in their forties report impotency issues and figures say that 50% of men in their fifties are experiencing the same problem.

However, what is the reasoning behind it?

Testosterone depletion?

In many cases it is a psychological issue that needs to be addressed.

However, when you consider that the penis is pretty much a collection of blood vessels that are pumped with blood to become erect, their could be an underlying cardiovascular problem.

Being overweight and eating unhealthily can raise these cardiovascular issues, plus being overweight encourages higher levels of bad cholesterol which impedes blood flow.

Another issue is to do with hormones…

Men’s levels of testosterone naturally decline with age, in fact from as early as thirty, men will experience a gradual reduction of their naturally produced testosterone.

However, the decline is slight and does not quite have the same impact as when women experience the menopause.

Due to this very gradual decline, it is hard for men to acknowledge or even notice a change.

Yet, a loss of libido and erectile dysfunction is one of the symptoms which also include:

  • loss of lean muscle
  • increase fat levels
  • lack of energy
  • change of mood – more negative and less optimistic

Yet, there are further, hidden changes that are associated with lower testosterone levels such as:

  • higher risk of cardiovascular disease
  • higher chance of osteoporosis

How can we overcome erectile dysfunction associated with low testosterone?

If you are familiar with these symptoms listed, and while it can be placed with the ageing process, much can actually be done to minimize the effects of decreasing testosterone levels.

Thankfully a change can be achieved without the need for expensive prescription drugs.

You can make a positive start with food and exercise.

There are a number of foods that can help stimulate more testosterone production.

Take a look at the following:


Lean beef ribs contain lots of Zinc.


Spinach is great for increasing Magnesium levels.

Vitamin B6 

Chick peas are a great source of vitamin B6.

Vitamin D3

Add salmon to your bagel to increase your D3 levels, or spend some time in the sunshine.

D-Aspartic Acid

You would be a fool not to include chicken in your diet if you want to increase your intake of D-Aspartic Acid.

Vitamin K2

Remember Kale for K2.


Add Fenugreek to salads and curries to increase testosterone.


A natural aphrodisiac that is able to assist with increasing your testosterone levels.

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With these foods in mind, it would be doubly beneficial to also hit the gym.

Being overweight does not help with energy levels or libido.

Gym work can also help…

Plus, certain exercises in the gym can help stimulate more testosterone secretion, this is a free way to increase your own natural supply of testosterone…

Therefore, it would be prudish to take advantage of this.

When you are at the gym, ensure that you hit the big compound exercises.

Lift heavy weights too.

The big, lifts which require more that one joint movement build the most muscle mass, stimulate the most testosterone and raise the metabolism and keep it raised for much longer than cardiovascular exercise does once you have finished your workout.

So what movements are we talking about..?

Well, the big, multi joint exercises consist of the basics:



Bench Press

Shoulder Press

A combination of nutritious foods that can help stimulate more testosterone plus the exercises that can also stimulate more testosterone will help increase your libido, increase blood flow, improve your cardiovascular health and cut fat.

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