Are Anabolic Steroids More Harmful Than We Thought?

There are many popular and widely circulated side effects of anabolic steroid use which would put many people off using them.

However, if a spotty back, shrunken testicles or the risk of gyno (growth of bitch tits due to a hormonal imbalanc) doesn’t make you think twice about taking that pill or sticking the needle in your butt cheek then maybe the risk of your heart may curb your enthusiasm…

Don’t worry though, you are not alone, up to 4 million Americans are said to recreationally use anabolic steroids and the majority are just amaterur lifters not professional sports people.


A study was conducted to research the effects of anabolic steroids on men between the ages of 34 and 54 who have been able to bench press at least 1 rep at 275lbs.

The researchers also wanted to interview the candidates to establish their history of health and were left with a group of 140 men.

The majority of which had either been a user of anabolic steroids for at least a period of 24 months, the remaining group of 54 had never used synthetic hormonal drugs.

The study utilized 2-D ultrasound imaging, mneasuring Body Mass Indexes, blood pressure and cholestrol tests it was established that users of steroids not only had a higher body mass index, they also had a higher level of fat-free mass, higher blood pressure and higher levels of bad cholestrol.

This is not necessarily surprising.

However, it was the study to their hearts which showed further hidden danger…


During the study the researchers discovered that nearly three quarters of those who were either current steroid users or had used them for at least 24 months did not have regular and healthy pumping capacity in their left ventricle of the heart.

Those who had not used steroids all but two showed normal operation of their left ventricle.
The study also highlighted that even if you were a steroid user and had now stopped there was a legacy of impairment.
This was illustrated by the problems experienced by current and past steroid users having problems in the diastolic functions of their hearts.

However, this isn’t the only additional issue faced by steroid users, there’s more…

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Artery Plaque

Those who had used or were using also showed a higher risk of artery plaque buildup. This can narrow the arteries and place additional stress on the heart potentially leading to heart disease.

Many people believe that once they stop taking steroids any side effects will eventually stop, this may be the case with any visial symptoms experienced, however, the hidden dangers seem to carrry on even long after the steorid use has stopped.

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