Widespread BANNED Substances Found In Supplements

Up to 14 supplement products available in the USA have traces of the banned ingredient Oxilofrine which is also known as Methylsynephrine. These supplements are generally marketed as weight loss/fat burners or Pre-workout formulas and in some cases have found to contain up to 1.5 times the adult dose.


Recently the FDA has taken action and written warnings to seven dietary supplement companies informing them that their products must comply with federal law which prohibits supplements from containing banned substances.

The USA does not approve of Oxilofrine which is sometimes used in other countries for the treatment of low blood pressure or asthma. However, uncontrolled consumption can lead to cardiac arrest, vomiting and becoming more agitated.


As such, the World Anti-Doping Agency has also banned any product containing Oxilofrine, the result was several world class athletes testing positive for substance misuse – their defense was that it was accidental ingestion…plausible for an amateur but for those with a team of nutritionists, coaches etc, not so.


Many of the products tested are available on-line and sold by GNC which has stores on many military bases in the U.S. Thus, it is becoming increasingly difficult for FDA to control the sale and misuse of such products that contain banned substances.

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