Is This The Best Advice Out There For Injecting Anabolic Steroids?

I’ve never injected steroids. It’s not for me I guess. I’ve tried orals and prohormones which had a good effect on me (the Epistane, not the Anavar) so I have never felt the need to do anymore.

Plus, I haven’t got the time to really put the necessary hours in the gym to make the most of injecting Deca etc.

Well, that’s my thoughts anyway, but I do personally think if you are to inject, shit is getting serious and it must be for a good reason not just because I like farting around in the gym lifting a few plates.

However, many do. Many people do inject steroids, and, there are benefits over orals.

They seem to be more effective and also seem to be less taxing on organs such as the liver or kidneys, that is not to say they are completely risk free.

However, I am not here to lecture on your current, past or future steroid use.

Sage Advice

I did come across a bit of handy advice though on YouTube. Advice that could make a bit of difference to anyone wishing to try injectables.

Part of this advice is to ignore much of the advice on-line.

Hmmm seems a bit of a juxtaposition. Why take this advice from an on-line source telling you to do exactly that, ignore advice from on-line sources.

Well, this advice comes from Lee Priest, the renowned no nonsense body builder who has ruffled a few feather in his career because of his opinionated personality.

Yet, it is Lee who has done it all and can offer the sage advice we need. I mean, who would you believe, Lee who has nothing to lose and already a formidable personality and name in the bodybuilding sphere, or some jackass trying to make a name for himself and only better himself, not you and your goals?

I go with Lee, every time.

And, he is as per usual, right on the dollar in this video too.

So want to take steroids? Work out your body first and how it operates.

I for instance, just do not respond well to high reps, I get nothing from it.

I have to do low reps ad high weight to stimulate growth, and this, goes against pretty much all of the ‘advice’ touted around on-line.

Well, that well heeled advice doesn’t work for me, I must be different, just like you are.

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