A Bit Of Body Building Home Cooking From Down Under

Do you like cooking?

I hate it, I have no imagination when it comes to food at all, nor do I have the patience or interest to learn or discover ‘cooking’.

I don’t even know who finds the time either to start whipping up excellent home cooked food.

I guess for some, cooking and food preparation is a kind of hobby and therapy I find through weight lifting, as such my time after work is spent with the iron.

I merely look in the fridge, slap some meat on the George Grill and generally hope for the best.

If I am feeling a bit more resourceful I will crack open the bag of salad, kale or spinach sprinkle a bit of chipotle salt on there with a drizzle of olive oil and a slice of toast.

If I want a nice meal I just head to a restaurant, let them do all of the cleaning also.

However, my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.

I love nothing more than a few scrambled eggs on a bagel or bread roll with some hot sauce.

Lunch is a more complicated matter entirely…yes I have to open and drain a can of tuna and prepare some rice, again with hot sauce.

Someone will be very lucky to have me someday…

However, apart from watching Jay Cutler BBQ meat in his Las Vegas pad, seeing Ronnie Coleman eat grits while walking on a treadmill in his house and who could forget the sushi drama with Rich Piana(?) it is not too often we see a real meal time of a body builder with his family.

No holds barred we head down under to Lee Priests parents home to see what they are eating on a Sunday evening, expect a lot of bacon, eggs and a medley of other foods. Looks like heaven.

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