Caffeine Helps Cognitive Function

There’s an awful lot of warnings and cautionary tales out there about caffeine and having too much per day.
I, personally drink way too much coffee than I really should, but is the hype really to be trusted?
Like most things, we get told something is terrible for us, then on the flip of the coin we are told to have as much as possible because it is an anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant, provides eternal youth etc.
It is no surprise that we have no idea where we stand with so many foods and vitamins.
However, we are now being told after years of opposing advice that caffeine is good for us and can improve our overall cognitive health.
So, if you are like me and feel like sometimes you have to clear the ‘fog’ first thing in the morning before firing on all cylinders this could be the greatest news you have heard since birth.
The latest research has provided some evidence that over time caffeine, which is known to raise blood pressure and keep you awake, may actually prevent brain degeneration.
This means diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia prevention could be managed.
The research was conducted by a Chinese team who wanted to discover how coffee could effect a person on the risk of later experiencing cognitive decline.
The study used a wealth of data from over 34,000 participants which exposed a gut wrenching truth..!
Yes, one or two cups of coffee per day actually lowers the risk of cognitive decline.
However, if you are anything like me who guzzles about 10 cups of coffee it didn’t really have the same effect and the risk of cognitive decline wasn’t decreased at all.
This latest study isn’t particularly groundbreaking though and nor are the results, but the actually amount of coffee required for optimal protective effects is not exactly agreed upon with some researchers believing a further cup of coffee per day is required.

So while there is no unanimous on the exact quantities that we should be consuming, there is a glimmer of hope that shows that there’s no evidence to report that drinking coffee can damage the brain.

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