Can Capsicum Pepper Actually Help You Burn Fat?

Age And Weight

Have you noticed that as age creeps up, maintaining a healthy weight is proving more and more difficult?

Now, people place this down to a reduction in their metabolic rate as they age, it’s a simple excuse and reason many people believe.

However, this may not always be the case, it can be much more mundane and far more easily explained that that.

It is most likely down to the fact that as we age, responsibilities such as family, job, financial commitments take over. There’s a gradual reduction in the sport we play, the gym sessions and general activity which burns calories.

Worn out from stressful client meetings, commuting in packed trains or on slow moving freeways when we eventually return home it could well be just in time to put the children to bed and then a glass of deep red on the sofa with your spouse.

I do not knock it, I don’t judge and I can see how it happens so easily.


It’s not so much your metabolism slowing down, it is life speeding up and past us almost uncontrollably.

However, we may be able to see a glimmer of hope from a hot pepper, the capsicum pepper to be exact.

Studies are proving why this is a popular addition in the best fat burner supplements available on the market.

A study published by the journal Obesity Open Access demonstrated that capsicum pepper extract increased metabolism which burns more calories.


The study which was placebo controlled looked at whether the pepper extracts would effect resting energy expenditure, heart rate and blood pressure.

Resting energy expenditure is essentially your base metabolic rate, as in this is what your body requires in terms of energy to merely survive.

This metabolic rate accounts for up to 60% of the calories you burn per day.

If you increase this amount, as the pepper extracts do, this will aid weight control or even weight loss if you are looking to get shredded for the beach or even drop a weight class for sport such as boxing or MMA.

The results of the test showed that supplementation of capsicum pepper burned up to an additional 116 calories per day.

This means that it could essentially burn off 1lb of fat per month, a figure that is not to be ignored and can reap major health benefits over the long term.

Not to mention the benefits for vanity (come on, we all want a 6 pack!) and sport or just warding off diseases or issues that can be associated with being overweight.

I have been using Instant Knockout which contains 100mg of pepper extract which is considerably more than the 2mg used for this experiment with great results.

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