Can Exercise Affect Female Libido?

Is there a link between female libido and exercise?

According to a professor from the University of Texas, USA, there certainly is.

Over a period of 20 years, a number of research projects have cemented a link between serious physical exercise and sexual arousal in females.

Central Nervous System

This is because high intensity exercise activates the sympathetic nervous system which then can activate sexual arousal in females.

Aerobic Exercise

One such study involved women watching a sexually arousing film after a bout of aerobic exercise either on a bike or treadmill for 20 minutes at 70% of their maximum heart rate.

The study also included the women watching a sexually arousing film without having previously exercised.

Their levels of arousal were monitored by equipment that could measure the amount of blood flow in to the vaginal tissue which could then be correlated by the amount of vaginal lubrication.


The results demonstrated that when the women simply exercised intensely for prior to the film their vaginal arousal levels were 150% higher according to the measurements than when the women watched the film without prior exercise.

This could well be something to consider should a relationship be suffering from sexual complications.

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