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I have had a nightmare in the past with sexual performance and testosterone levels.

This was caused by taking prohormones which actually didn’t quite sit with me very well on the last occasion I used them.

This left me in a state of knowing confusion.

If you are unsure by what I mean, I mean that although I knew the reason my testosterone levels had dropped and therefore so had my sex drive, but I was still panicking about it.

It is like when you get the beer fear a day or two after being drunk.

You’re not sure about yourself anymore, you get anxiety and the regret…plus more paranoia.

However, you know it is the beer talking but you cannot help but be scared that it is just real life.

I knew I was being affected by the sudden dip in testosterone because my natural production nosedived once I was supplementing with synthetic, and once the synthetic stopped being supplemented my body had yet to recognize this and start producing again.

However, I couldn’t help but worry that it was another cause. I knew my girlfriend would normally send me in to a sex crazed maniac but this was different and it was worrying.

I thought I had broken myself.

However, I smashed back TestoFuel which is a natural testosterone booster and the day or two afterwards I was back to normal…thankfully. The panic was there though and very real.

Yet, there are other everyday issues that can cause your testosterone levels to drop and therefore your sex drive and performance to also suffer.

So, try to avoid these common everyday pitfalls and help preserve healthy testosterone levels…


Stress is a major factor in reducing testosterone levels. It increases inflammation which inhibits natural testosterone production.

Bad Sleep

Did you know that your body secretes growth hormone when you are in a deep sleep?

If you do not get enough restful deep sleep your body cannot recover, it cannot secrete the growth hormone required to grow big and strong.

Sleep also helps reduce stress.

Statin Medications

Drugs prescribed to reduce cholesterol too much means that there’s not enough cholesterol for testosterone production.

Cholesterol is actually vital at the right levels, but too much of a reduction is harmful to your testosterone levels.

Remember HDL cholesterol is good cholesterol which actually cleans the bad cholesterol from the blood stream.


Like women produce testosterone in smaller amounts than men, men also produce estrogen in smaller amounts than women.

However, if your lifestyle and diet helps increase estrogen production your will suffer imbalance which will lead to an inhibition of testosterone levels.

Foods like broccoli and cauliflower are high in DIM which helps regulate estrogen levels.


Good varied exercise is vital for testosterone production.

Furthermore, resistance training, in particular performing deadlifts and squat along side other multi-joint exercises such as bench press and over head press commonly known as compound exercises secrete much more testosterone than anaerobic exercise such as running.

Also remember that excessive cardiovascular exercise can actually reduce testosterone.


If you have a Zinc and Magnesium deficiency you will also reduce your testosterone levels.

Therefore supplementing with Zinc and Magnesium can increase testosterone levels significantly according to studies.

You will find Zinc and Magnesium in the best natural testosterone boosters.

Not Enough Vitamin D

Like a deficiency in Zinc and Magnesium, a lack of vitamin D can also have a negative impact on your testosterone levels and in turn, your sexual performance.

You get vitamin D from sunlight, however, not everyone is exposed to enough sunlight to be beneficial.

Like with the Zinc and Magnesium, the leading testosterone boosters also contain D3 which is the best absorbed form of vitamin D.

Too Little Fat

As with cholesterol, we actually need fat in our diets.

It is vital.

Fat helps with hormone development and brain function, plus studies have shown that those who trialed a low fat diet saw a reduction in testosterone levels.


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