Can Obesity Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Obesity can cause a myriad of additional health problems. However, a further one is impotency or erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, if you have been suffering for problems in your sex life and you are obese, it is the obesity that is probably the root of your issues.

Here’s the reasons why obesity can wreak havoc with your sexual function and your relationships.

Obesity and Sexual Dysfunction

Firstly, being obese reduces testosterone levels. Testosterone is your natural steroid hormone and is present in both men and women and it is vital for healthy bodily function.

Men have higher levels that women and it is the reason behind male characteristics such as a deep voice, less body fat and more muscle mass for instance.

It also effects your libido. Low testosterone will without a shadow of a doubt negatively impact your libido. This has happened to me, once I started taking testosterone boosters it raised my libido and now I have a healthy sex life.

Obesity can also increase the risk of fatty deposits lining the arteries, as you may well know, it is an increased flow of blood to your penis which causes an erection.

Therefore, if the blood vessels and arteries are restricted this means there’s less chance of being able to get the required increase of blood flow to your penis to create the erection.

Further studies also suggest that increased belly fat also decreases nitric oxide production which is also key for a strong erection.

To make matters worse, if you suffer from a hormone imbalance or other issues such as diabetes obesity will then increase the severity of the problem.

What’s The Answer?

Realistically you need to lose weight, there’s no real easy way about this.

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Inflammation is a cause of obesity too so this needs to be reduced. While there are medications available, to lead a sexually active and healthy life you need to be a healthy weight.

Therefore, changing your lifestyle and your diet will go a long way to not only reduce the health risks of obesity but it will also help balance your hormones – thus a reduction in estrogen and increases in testosterone.

This will not be a quick or easy process, however, the benefits once the weight starts to drop and your hormones are balanced will be greater than you can imagine.

Your mood will be elevated, you will be more confident and your libido will increase.

Now, who doesn’t like the free fun of sex..?

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