Are Chinese Growth Hormones Even Effective?

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Quality Control

As with many products these days, you will be hard pressed to find something that does not originate or is at least manufactured in China.

Known for their blatant disregard of patents and intellectual property ownership or any other copy-write laws, Chinese companies flood the market with cheap products and this includes drugs…

Now it may be unjust to say all products made in China are not exactly to the highest standard, however, quality control does not appear to meet that of products from Japan for instance.

However, these Chinese products are cheap and who doesn’t love a bargain?

Now this is fine in most cases as we live in a throw away society whereby the latest TV is due an upgrade within the year as something newer, bigger, better and more advanced comes out and by that time if your TV lasts another couple of years you will be glad for the excuse to by something new.

Cheap thrills indeed.

But a poor quality TV is hardly detrimental to anything other than your wallet, what about poor quality drugs?


Now, if the rumors are true, many steroids and growth hormone are manufactured in some dodgy back street factory, labelled up and sent around the world to be sold (in many cases) illegally.

The beauty of this is that there’s no come back should anything go wrong. If your head explodes for instance who gets the blame? Who gets sued?

Well it won’t be Mr. Wong of Xiangtan because not only is he one of 1.4 billion people but what you bought was illegal and untraceable.

He got his Renminbi, you got your (illegal) performance enhancing drugs and, well, shit happened and your head exploded now the repo guy is knocking on your door because you failed to keep up the repayments on your Camry. Not only that, you now widowed wife is fucking the guy down the street.


It is all well and good me spouting all of this crap, however, the guys over at Enhanced Athlete decided to test Chinese growth hormone on themselves and compare them to products from established, Western pharmaceutical companies…

So what happened?

Not just yet friend, it is important to note that our body actually releases naturally produced growth hormone while we sleep and it is released in pulses, a bit like a lighthouse seems to pulse a beam of light.

Actually it seems the GH from China does have some mild effect, it looks like it offers about double to what your own body produces and can produce some tell tale side effects experienced while taking GH.

However, what is interesting is that the well regarded pharma companies offers ten times than that of those from an Eastern origin.


The question is this: Can you trust these cheap drugs? If they are way under dosed and have so little effect (compared to good quality alternatives) what do they consist of?

Is it merely cheap because there’s less GH present (it certainly looks this way), or are there any contaminants?

Who really knows unless you have it tested and how many people have the inclination nor the facility to do this?

My advice? Steer clear you can have no real idea how these Chinese made growth hormones will really affect you until your head has exploded, then it is too late.

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