What Is Clomiphene And Why Is Brock Lesnar In Trouble?

Box of clomiphene

What’s Clomiphene?

Word on the street is that the substance Brock Lesnar has been found which failed his drug test and may now destroy his further career in both the UFC and WWE, is clomiphene.

Clomiphene is a very popular drug used by steroid users to ‘bump’ their natural testosterone levels back up to normal levels once they have finished a cycle of synthetic testosterone.

Steroid abuse?

So, when a athlete or even the kitchen porter cycles steroids (synthetic testosterone) it effectively shuts down their bodies own natural production of testosterone because the body recognizes that there is lots in the system and therefore doesn’t need to produce any for this excess registered.


However, once the steroid cycle has ended it takes a long time for the body to realize that there is no excess of testosterone and it takes a longer time for it to start producing more naturally to make up for the sudden deficit.

With a deficit comes a hormonal imbalance whereby there is more of the female hormone (estrogen) present, with no testosterone and more estrogen those muscular gainz and strength increases can start to deflate pretty rapidly.

So what does clomiphene do?

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Clomiphene essentially stimulates the testosterone production when it has stopped from the use of steroids and thus brings it back to normal levels which can then maintain and help keep as much of the muscular size and development attained during the steroid cycle.

The side effects of clomiphene are manageable and are not as harsh as some drugs available with some users experiencing hot flushes, nausea, dizziness, headaches and temporary blurred vision.

However, the real question is whether traces of clomiphene prove that an athlete has been using steroids?

What is interesting is the fact that Brock has not failed the test while he has been competing in the WWE.

Therefore, will he be fined, suspended or dropped from both organizations?

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