Continue Learning To Improve Cognitive Function As You Age.

Latest finds from a recently published study by a group of researchers from University of California Berkeley have associated increased and continued levels of education with peak cogntive functioning later in life.

The research study analysed the relationship between learning, educational attainment and cognitive functioning to establish the effect of longer term schooled education.

The findings were evaluated from nearly 200,000 participants who had subscribed to an online brain training game platform who were all from the US, Canada and Australia and were from an educationally diverse range of backgrounds.

The participants completed eight assesments which measured their executive functioning and reasoning yet were unrelated to anything they would have been schooled as part of their curriculum.

Further research was then given to almost 70,000 of the participants who were then given cognitive training for a period of 100 days and were then assessed on their executive function and reasoning for the second time round.

The additional research allowed an more in depth analysis in areas of working memory, quick thinking, task response indicators and both verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

This allowed the research team to establish to what extent previous schooled education has on past and future cognitive performance indicators.

What the researchers discovered was that further education appears to prevent accelerated and age related cognitive decline.

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It seems then that schooled education is not only useful to learn new knowledge but to also improve our core cognitive abilities.

Higher and Further Education Advantages

While it is commonly thought and accepted that further education past high school can improve job opportunites and increase potential earnings, less than 40% of adults in the US hold a degree from a university establishment.

Furthermore, there has been limited research and conclusions in to the impact higher education hads on continued cognitive perfromsance over loner periods of time.

The results of the study demonstrate a strong correlation between higher levels of education and improved or increased cognitive performance for people within the age range of 15-60 year olds.

The results also demonstrate an improved ability to increase perfromance in reasoning rather than brain processing speeds.

The researchers predicted that cognitive skills and functionality is improved when the participant is involved in demanding and engaging course works which tax cognitive processes.

The end result is that formal education, while important also requires a degree of life experience for overall enhanced cognitive function.

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