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LAST UPDATED: October 2018.

Author: Ben has been researching and trying different supplements for over ten years after graduating from university in 2005.

His proven analytical abilities honed from studying and working in the corporate sector enable him to provide evidence based reviews of products based on publicly available clinical studies.

Citations are available at the footer of the page.

Evidence Based Review

Regardless of your fitness or aesthetic goal be it to cut fat, build slabs of lean muscle or even feel better within yourself there’s a number of products that can supplement your nutrition plan to reach your aspirations in less time.

You do not necessarily have to be a hardcore bodybuilder or athletes to use supplements, nor do you have to wait until you hit the ‘wall’.

‘…severe and performance-limiting depletion of physiologic carbohydrate reserves (a phenomenon known as ‘hitting the wall’)…[1]

People who just want to feel better overall, or maybe just feel healthier carrying less fat mass or increase their libido.

That said, if you want that cover model look, you are in safe hands with this premium and effective selection which according to the studies and trials will provide the best bang for your buck to help you maximize your potential.

In fact even gamer’s, long distance drivers, machine operators or those needing to sort out a hangover can benefit from at least one of these products.

Choosing the right supplement is your pass to:

  • Getting that thicker, chiseled, angular look – You can lift more weight and get that enviable ‘alpha’ physique.
  • Get cut – Get ready for summer with a sculpted six pack and chest
  • Recovery from a hard workout – Get back in to the gym quicker after intense training or sport
  • Hardcore training – Hit the gym with previously unattainable intensity
  • Increased focus – Zero in on your goals both physically and mental

These are the best supplements available​ to reach your goals


Testosterone Booster

Fat Burner

Pre Workout

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These will offer maximum results

We’re here to help, we offer personal recommendations based on our results plus the clinical evidence available for the included nutrients.

It can be quite easy to decide upon which type of supplement you may wish to buy, for example if you are wanting to lose weight you may already know about fat burner’s or have just read about how they can help burn extra calories.

However, the real trick is figuring out which fat burner to buy, as they are not all the same nor equal.

In fact there will be multiple supplements (literally thousands) and brands out there all vying for your attention and claiming why they are the best.

The problem is that supplements are barely regulated. That means there’s a lot of products out there with ill researched ingredients included in them that are not proven to work.

‘Because supplements aren’t considered drugs, they aren’t put through the same strict safety and effectiveness requirements that drugs are. So all the drugs you can buy, even without a prescription, must be proven safe and effective – but dietary supplements do not.’ [2]

There’s many pitfalls awaiting, but, we have personally used and reviewed many products using first hand experience and lots of reading through research papers from scholarly sources to understand what is effective and beneficial.

This can cut out a lot of wasted time, not to mention money saved for you.

Ticking the boxes

What areas do we cover and what matters in a supplement to give it a “yes”?

There are many differing factors which we scrutinized before we would recommend a supplement to buy.

  • Do the ingredients stack up – We look for the scientific evidence from reputable sources to see if the science agrees with the claims
  • Dosing – What’s the point buying a supplement if all the ingredients are proven to be beneficial if then the dose is too low to be effective or too high that it becomes dangerous? Dose levels are very often overlooked.
  • Reputation – How does the brand fair in the forums and how trustworthy is it? It is easy to set up a company to sell anything, but how is their customer service? What guarantees do they have in place?
  • Safety – As with any medication or supplement, people will react differently to certain substances than others. However, we look to minimize the risk and use research to see if there are any health risks or possible unwanted side effects.
  • Transparency – How transparent are the ingredients? Or have the exact doses been hidden behind a proprietary blend. This can harm reputation and provide a supplement that is not optimal.

Supplement Reviews

The main area of concentration is those that seem to have a big impact and are also slightly misunderstood in terms of their role, effectiveness and the ingredients included.

We have reviewed other more mainstream products such as creatine and protein but it seems that knowledge of these supplements is much more widespread along with such a wealth of information already available for you to read.

So, we will stick to three:

  • Natural testosterone boosters
  • Natural fat burners
  • Pre Workouts

With these in mind, let’s take a quick snap shot in to the benefits of each of the three supplements in question…

Testosterone Boosters – The Facts

Not many people know about the role of testosterone, nor do they know that testosterone is as significant for women as it is men. [3]

The basics behind testosterone boosters is that they can naturally help stimulate more testosterone production and raise your levels.

An effective and beneficial natural testosterone booster can help you with:

  • Increase muscle strength and size – Look and feel great
  • Improve recovery – Get back to the gym in quicker time
  • Elevate your mood – Feel more confident and in charge
  • Heighten your libido – No more bedroom disappointment
  • Post Cycle Recovery (PCT) – Useful to take after a cycle of steroids

A good natural testosterone booster will include a number of scientifically proven ingredients that can increase hormone production.

Increased levels of testosterone have many health benefits. [4]

A testosterone booster with the correct proven ingredients will:

  • Increase natural testosterone production – The magic behind more muscle and strength
  • Regulate estrogen levels – It will keep female sex hormone levels in check
  • Help increase calorie expenditure – More muscle burns more calories

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Fat Burners – The Facts

Are you wondering how you can burn more calories and decrease your fat levels safely?male fitness model

Fat burners can effectively and legally torch stubborn areas of fat you are having a nightmare with while still able to maintain your lean muscle mass.

A beneficial fat burner supplement will assist you with the following:

  • Get shredded – Get that fitness model sculpted look
  • Increase energy – Train for longer and when motivation would otherwise be low
  • Torch fat, not muscle – Maintain your size and strength
  • Keep hunger at bay – Control your cravings

All of these benefits and more are possible if you chose a fat burner that has the correct and proven ingredients in optimal doses. [5]

An effective fat burner with well researched, scientifically proven ingredients will do the following:

  • Increase energy – This will help you be more active and stimulate you for effective workouts
  • Thermogenic – These ingredients will increase the temperature of your core which increases calorie expenditure [6]
  • Appetite control – The ability to feel fuller and not to fall for sweet, calorie laden treats

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Pre Workouts – The Facts

Pre workouts are best used to increase your performance in the gym, they can help give you that much energised male fitness model needed boost of energy and increase focus – highly required if you workout early in the morning or after a hard days work.

However, they can even help with gamer’s, students looking to cram in revision, drivers or even help cure that cheeky hang over!

An effective pre workout supplement will help these areas:

  • Increase power – Smash your workout with more intensity [7]
  • Motivation – Get straight out of bed for an early morning gym session
  • Improved focus – Zero in on your weights program or even revise harder
  • Alert – Stay alert and improve concentration

Ensure that your money isn’t being wasted on products with no body of evidence behind their ingredients profile, or concealing the amounts included behind a proprietary blend.

There are many ineffective pre workout supplements that do not offer any benefit or value for money, we ensure that we can weed out the crap so you can benefit from:

  • Endurance – Proven ingredients that increase muscular endurance [8]
  • Brain function – Improve your concentration and focus through ingredients known to increase cognitive function [9]
  • Nitric oxide – Increase NO levels to help with blood flow, nutrient transportation and get that desired ‘pump’.

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Our Reviews

Our product reviews help you save time and money by avoiding the products that do not offer any benefit and will waste your hard earned money yet effortlessly discover the ones that work.

It also means you will not have to research every individual supplement and their ingredients – let me do that, if I haven’t already.  

This way, you can take the shortcut to:

  • Killer abs – Torch the fat and get that cover model look
  • Huge slabs of lean muscle – The masculine physique you’ve dreamed of
  • Improve performance – Lift more weight and be faster
  • Increase brain function – Be more focused and lift brain fog
  • Shorten recovery times – Get back in the gym quicker
  • A return of your libido – No more sexual embarrassment
  • Fell better and more confident  – Get back in to your stride

Why, though?

The reason this site really exists is down to the rocky path I have personally experienced while trying to gain muscle and lose that unwanted fat.

It’s still a journey that I am on now.

As I have aged I noticed how it was taking more time to recover, how I ached, how I was becoming exhausted and noticed how difficult it was to participate in sports, hold down a job and still make gains in the gym.

I also know how difficult it is to make substantial strength and experience a good physique for then work commitments or an injury knock you a number of rungs on the ladder.


When you first start lifting weight or exercising, you so notice quite rapid changes.

Your personal best lifts get smashed and you are forever gaining momentum and then…it slows down.

‘Changes in strength evidenced in the first few weeks of resistance training are more associated with neural adaptations…The motor unit (motor nerve fiber and the muscle fibers it innervates) recruitment is central to the early (2 to 8 weeks) gains in strength.’ [10]

Your excitement and enthusiasm can start to wane and you lose confidence in yourself or the gym.

This then can either lead to giving up completely or hitting performance enhancing drugs that are generally illegal, not to mention potentially dangerous.

I personally started using more and more supplements, but nothing I chose or spent my money on seemed to have any benefit.

I felt like throwing in the towel.

However, I decided to start doing a bit of research…

I love cars, and I constantly buy and sell them, but before I throw my money down on something I do a good bit of research to find out what the risks are and the benefits.

I mistakenly took it for a given that supplements were all heavily regulated, but they are not. [11]

I soon started to realize that many supplements on the market contain nothing but unproven or even un-researched ingredients with their supposed effects based on nothing more than ancient rumor or folklore at best!

If you were told that the blood of a python was used to protect your own child’s health because it was used in ancient China, would you give it to them if there was no contemporary research or proof available?

At best, traditional herbal medicines offer very little reliable proof they work or are safe. [12]

No! Yet, this is what goes on and in to masses of supplements available to buy from a shop or online.

There’s too many supplements available that simply have no positive effects on your development or are potentially dangerous to your health.

I started to wonder why I wasn’t researching the products I was ingesting like I was research cars to buy.

So, I made a change and started to document my own research and personal tests backed by references to scientific studies.


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