Defiance Testosterone Booster Review // Read This First !

Defiance Testosterone Booster Review First Look:

Last night saw me increase the weight I was bench pressing and on the seated row.

I was struggling a little on the shoulder press but that was after the bench increase so was to be expected.

I will see what Thursday brings for my deadlifts that had been neglected for a few months with the whole house move, long commutes to work and rugby commitments.

These days I have much more time during the day and swapping my car for a bicycle has left me feeling much fresher, less stressed and energized.

If I could wholeheartedly recommend one thing it would be to swap car/train/bus for bike if at all possible.

However, too much cycling can lessen your testosterone levels which you can read a little bit about, here.

Yet, we’re talking about much higher levels of cycling than just pottering a few miles to work and back. So, I do not feel too concerned.

That said, I always want my testosterone levels maximized so I can benefit in the gym and in the…bedroom.

Whenever I have done a cycle of steroids or prohormones I can recognize when my test levels are low after the cycle has finished.

It is an odd feeling. I know they are down, I can feel they are down and I am not jacking off 3 times daily but you do not necessarily feel you are out of sync.

It’s strange. Then it hits you like a spade to the face when they jolt back up and you spend more time hiding your raging boner at the mere sight of someone attractive.

I actually prefer the latter scenario.

Thus I try to always ensure I have a testosterone booster to hand that can reliably raise my natural testosterone levels day to day or give my testicles a jolt and start to produce my own once a steroid cycle has ceased.

I normally use TestoFuel because it’s a great product, however, I love to find out anything else that can compare or even beat it.

This looks to have a bit of purpose, even if it is understated…



Carduus Mar (Milk Thistle) – A great ingredient used to flush out and protect the liver as well as help repair cells but more required for anyone doing a course or Prohormones or oral anabolic steroids, not really warranted for this product unless you are a heavy drinker as well. Hic!

BioPerine – The extract of piperine, called BioPerine®  in the patented form, has been clinically tested in the United States. BioPerine®  significantly enhances the bioavailability of various supplement nutrients through increased absorption.

Proteolytic Blend – A protease (also called a peptidase or proteinase) is any enzyme that performs proteolysis; protein catabolism by hydrolysis of peptide bonds.

Proteases have evolved multiple times, and different classes of protease can perform the same reaction by completely different catalytic mechanisms.

Not much to do with testosterone production though.

Fenugreek – Fenugreek is a proven ingredient as found in our benchmark testosterone boosting product; Testofuel.

Research shows that a fenugreek seed extract can reduce daily fat intake in overweight men when taken by mouth at a dose of 392 mg three times daily for 2-6 weeks.

Forslean (Coleus forskohlii) – Forskolin is a chemical found in the roots of the plant Plectranthus barbatus.

This plant has been used since ancient times to treat heart disorders such as high blood pressure and chest pain (angina), as well as respiratory disorders such as asthma, it can also assist with reducing fat mass in obese people.

However, no reliable scientific information that shows Coleus forskohlii extracts taken by mouth are effective.

Tribulus – Once again, the old tribulus raises its ugly head. And its head is fucking ugly. Like a medieval gargoyle.

The problem is that because this has been touted about for so long as a bit of a miracle plant extract used by the mysterious Eastern Bloc Olympic Athletes during the Cold War people have started to believe the hype and it is an easily recognizable ingredient the ill informed will have heard about down the gym.

The issue is that it has not been scientifically proven to raise testosterone levels in any shape or form.

In fact, in studies using elite professional Australian rugby players as participants Tribulus did not produce the large gains in strength or lean muscle mass that many manufacturers claim can be experienced.

Avoid like a medieval plague if you are looking for muscular gainz.

Epimedium Sagittatum (Horny Goat Weed) – Epimedium, the suspected active component of horny goat weed, appears to act as a phosphodiesterase inhibitor, similar to some drugs used for erectile dysfunction.

It does not, however, stimulate testosterone production.

Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia, TongKat Ali) – Is a pro-fertility agent and aphrodisiac that appears to have a large body of evidence supporting this role and some evidence suggesting it may be an anti-estrogen and pro-erectile agent.

Although there’s some research to suggest it may increase testosterone levels in animals and humans it is pretty lackluster which doesn’t bode too well.


Take 3 capsules daily.

The best testosterone boosters out there recommend that the capsules are taken over the curse of the day to ensure your body gets a constant trickle of the ingredients.

Overall we are provided with a daily dose of 1760mg which is a very mediocre amount and way off the best.

Effects & Benefits:

There’s only one beneficial ingredient here for stimulating testosterone and that is Fenugreek as found in the #1 testosterone booster, TestoFuel.

Nothing else here will help raise natural testosterone levels.

Bioperine helps the absorption of all of the ingredients. So that lends favor to Fenugreek.

Now I could harp on about the Proteolytic blend but it would have been better replaced by D3, B6, Zinc, Magnesium or D-AA which are proven to increase natural testosterone production.


There’s a real lack of proven ingredients as well as a low daily dose when compared to beneficial products such as Prime Male.

Apart from Fenugreek nothing present is going to help either maintain or create optimal levels of testosterone for a healthy lifestyle nor will it be able to kick start your own natural production if you have ‘shut down’ since using anabolic steroids or prohormones.

How is this going to help us? How will it help me lift more weights, ensure I can fuck my missus, ensure my fat levels do not get out of hand or generally increase my mood?

Well it won’t.

a – Because the ingredients are not worth being included

b – Because I will not buy this product.

Plus, let’s also consider that this is an exact copy of a testosterone booster we had visited prior to this review.

Yes, that’s right, this is a copy of Top Shelf Black Jack Testosterone Booster.

Guess what?

That scored 0/5 too!

Defiance Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion:

This is nothing more than a blatant copy of an already poor performing testosterone booster.

It contains just 1 proven and effective testosterone boosting ingredient while being packaged and wrapped up in a low overall daily dose.

As a result this would be a much better supplement if it contained the following ingredients which are sadly omitted:

  • K2
  • B12
  • Zinc
  • B6
  • Magnesium
  • Oyster
  • DAA
  • D3
  • Boron

I personally would give this a wide birth, save your money, and buy something effective.



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