How Effective Is Caffeine In A Pre Workout Supplement?

Many pre workout supplements include caffeine, however, how effective is it? Additionally you may have noticed many ‘non-stim’ pre workout supplements emerging as well.

So is it really useful or not?

Well, it can be, depending on the exercise you are about to perform.

It also depends on the amount of caffeine consumed as well and how much actually is required to be beneficial.

Anaerobic Exercise

If cardiovascular exercise is the name of the game today, you may be interested to know that a dose of around 250mg to 400mg of caffeine up to 1 hour prior to your session is more than adequate to give you a boost of energy required to get off your ass and hit the HIIT.

What you may be even more interested to see what the caffeine content is in typical beverages in the illustration above.

The 400mg of caffeine required would be around 3 brewed coffee’s which can be a little excessive, luckily many pre workouts contain around this much in just one serving, you can read about the best pre workout supplements, here.

Weight Training/Anaerobic Exercise

If you are focusing on increasing body strength and size, caffeine can be used more for the benefits extra focus and intensity.

This can increase your desire and eagerness to hit the weights as hard as possible and increase either repetitions or the actual weight lifted.

In which case, an even higher dose than 400mg may be required to find your desired ‘zone’.


With these high levels of caffeine being consumed you will be able to sustain a higher level of power and endurance ability. Your output, will effectively be increased.

Therefore, with a pre workout such as 4GAUGE your performance in the gym, on the field or the track will be improved.

However, one thing to note is that your body can become used to the effects of continuous caffeine consumption and therefore the effects could well be less beneficial with lower doses.

It is therefore advised to minimize your daily caffeine intake if you wish to see maximum performance benefits.

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