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To have monster traps immediately identifies you to everyone else that you lift. It is undeniable that they also look great under a tee shirt and you also look like a bit of a warrior which matters to most guys.

Yet, like calves they can become a challenge to grow.

However, the reason behind this is that most people take the wrong approach.

Loading a barbell with hundreds of lbs and then barely squeezing the traps or using them to lift the monstrous weight. Instead they look like a chicken pecking the floor for food.

For your traps to grow (plus many other muscles) it is imperative that you leave your ego at the door, load the bar with sensible weight and perform the full range of movement with that targeted muscle, not your arms or neck or even jaw for that matter.

You can even hit the traps by performing back exercises such as the seated row, just ensure the traps are squeezed as your pull the weight toward you.

A great but often overlooked trapezius growth exercise is the deadlift. In fact, it would be hard to find any muscle which do not benefit from progressive deadlifts.

Lee gives us his bare bones and honest approach to trap development.

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