Green Tea’s Anti-Obesity And Cognitive Enhancing Power’s

With many ingredients found in supplements and food stuffs, the ‘science’ behind the reasoning is purely based on anecdotal ‘evidence’.

This means, it hasn’t been proven in human testing and is purely based upon a persons thoughts and how they feel they were affected by the ingredient.

However, not all ingredients fall under this banner.

Green Tea has recently been proven to help alleviate cognitive decline and insulin resistance that is paired with a high fat diet and also a diet high in fructose corn syrup.

This is due to the epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) that is an active component of the Green Tea.

It appears to have therapeutic effects on diseases and while it was known that it could have affects on insulin resistance and also be able to alleviate cognitive decline, the actual working science behind it wasn’t entirely clear.

However, a recent study has done just that. Researchers now know how it works.

Did you know that Green Tea is not only grown in 30 different countries but after water, is the most consumed drink and has been a ancient habit that seems to not be letting up any time soon.

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The study comprised of three different groups of mice, each group received different diets.

One of the groups were fed a typically concentrated amount of Green Tea that a person would drink in a cup.

It became clear that the testing showed some interesting results, if not entirely unexpected.

The group of mice who had a diet of high fructose became the heaviest, more so that those who had their water spiked by EGCG and those on a control diet over a 4 month period.

Again, when memory tests were introduced, those who were fed a high fructose diet found this more difficult compared to those fed a controlled diet.

This was the same for those with a diet spiked with EGCG. The EGCG diet helped prevent the memory deficits as well as neuron damage induced by a high fructose diet.

The research allowed researchers to see further in to the mechanisms of how this works.

Cellular signaling cascades allows the EGCG to relieve insulin resistance and cognitive dysfunction, mainly because exposure to EGCG also alleviated neuroinflammation stimulated by a high fructose diet.

This latest study further enhances and lends support to previous studies that have highlighted the health benefits from Green Tea that is often found in fat burners for its anti-obesity effects.

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