Have You Tried These Foods To Increase Vitamin D3 Levels?





Vitamin D is widely regarded as a vital ingredient for bodily function which can keep the bones and teeth healthy, not to mention an increase in testosterone levels.

It also plays a large part in ensuring that Calcium is absorbed properly too.

Studies also show that vitamin D3 can alleviate asthma sufferer’s from attacks that require steroidal treatment. The studies show that D3 supplementation reduced the rate by 95%.

You can read more about this, here.

Now, the best way to ensure we get enough Vitamin D is from sunlight, however, with skin cancer risk, the heat and also jobs that mainly lock us away in either factories or office buildings it can be hard to actually get enough sunlight.

This means we have to get it though other means.

Supplements are a great way to do this.

However, sometimes it is good to be aware of the foods that we can eat that are rich in Vitamin D3 too.

So, in order to ensure you get the most vitamin D3 for all of its benefits, take a lok at these foods and try to incorporate them in to your diet.

1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are able to naturally produce Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

2. Cheese

Cheese is naturally high in Vitamin D.

Ricotta cheese provides the most amount of Vitamin D3.

3. Fish

The most oily fish contain the highest levels of Vitamin D3 so chose those if you like them.

That said, all fish contain D3 so all are a good bet.

4. Egg

Whole eggs contain D3. So do not throw away the yolk as this holds the most vitamins and nutritional value.

5. Soy Milk

If you are not a fan of dairy milk and already use Soy milk you are on to a goof thing.

Soy contains the same amount of protein as dairy milk but a much higher content of Vitamin C, D and Iron.

With all of these foods readily and cheaply available, there’s no reason to be deficient in Vitamin D3.

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