How Lifting Weights Can Help Women Reach Their Fitness Goals

How often to you tear in to the weights room at the gym and just see guys there and no women?

Every gym had rack of free weights, barbells and plates yet very few women use them, they tend to circumvent the weights are and head over to hit the cardio machines.

They could well be missing a trick by doing so, too.

Studies have shown that resistance training benefits women as they age, it helps increase bone density, improve overall health and raises the metabolism which helps burn fat.

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By adding weight training exercise to your routine, it helps create a ‘health pension’ which allows you to lead a fuller life when you get older.

However, the general consensus is that women should lift weights as it will make them too ‘bulky’.

However, this is not necessarily the case, lighter weights can be used, you do not need to be power lifting to feel the benefit.
Additionally, most women do not have the natural testosterone levels required to build masses of muscle nor have they the ability to eat 9 meals per day that is required for huge size.
Many women find it empowering to be able to lift weights and enjoy the additional tone and pump it can offer.
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