How to Produce Muscle and Strength Fast How to Build Muscle Quickly How to Build Muscle Quickly

How can I build muscle and strength naturally and quickly?

One of the great questions of modern life, probably, or at least it was the question I asked 13 years ago as I stumbled into a gym down in Elephant & Castle bewildered if anything by the protein induced farts, yuck.

It is entirely possible to pack on up to 10 kg of muscle in about 3 months (drug free) if you are utterly committed and you are in your weightlifting infancy.

The requirements:

– You will find the squat/power rack to be your best friend and you will need to train exclusively on a handful of the big compound exercises such as squats, dips, pull ups, bench press and overhead press.

– Remember that strength and overall size comes from your legs and back, not just your chest. Sure, you’ll look massive in the bathroom mirror but the rest of your body needs to be proportional for overall presence.

Sleep. Lots of it too. You only grow when you are resting, too much training and not enough sleep will stunt your growth.

– Give your workouts everything. Have a training partner who will push you; look to increase your lifts by at least 3 kg each week.

– Do a routine of heavy weight and low reps such as 3 sets of 5 reps or even less reps if it means you are steadily increasing the weight each session.

– Eat substantially every 3 hours every day. Make sure your meals are easily digestible and high in protein along with healthy fats.  You will not grow if you do not have enough of the right fuel.

– Do nothing that is physically demanding outside of your weight training.

– Be injury free and free of illness.

– Accept that you will gain a little bit of body fat in this period – this can always be cut down at a later stage, however, this period is focussed primarily on size and strength gains.

– Accept that you will most likely suffer stretch marks.

– A testosterone booster such as TestoFuel will help.

– Use Creatine Monohydrate.

– Make sure you have more rest days than training days.

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