Is It Worth Taking BCAA’s On Their Own? // Studies Suggest Not.

We see them advertised all over supplement shops and on the ingredient labels that adorn protein powders, however, latest research from Scotland’s University of Sterling demonstrate that BCAA’s when taken in isolation are not effective.

The research showed that BCAA’s can have some effect on muscle recovery and stimulate muscle building response.

However, it was discovered that other supplements which contained amino acids were far more effective at stimulating muscle growth response than BCAA’s alone.

The research team wanted to fully understand the mechanics behind how effective supplements were at affecting the muscle response and growth from within the muscle itself.

They found that BCAA’s actually lack some of the required essential amino acids for optimal muscle growth.

While BCAA’s taken in isolation do help with muscle stimulation and growth, they provide only a marginal benefit when tested compared to a placebo, yet, those who used a whey protein with the equivalent amounts of BCAA’s but also included other amino acids showed a much better response.

In fact the growth response was more than double to using just BCAA’s alone.

Therefore athletes in training who want to build more muscle should not rely on using BCAA’s alone as part of their supplement stack.

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