My Lecheek Nutrition AD-3 PCT Testosterone Booster Review

My Lecheek Nutrition AD-3 PCT Testosterone Booster Review First Look:

This is marketed as a Post Cycle Therapy.

If you are unsure as to what a PCT is, let me simplify and break it down for you.

When you take any anabolics such as a steroid or prohormone your body stops producing it’s own natural form of testosterone.

This is because it is overloaded with synthetic testosterone and recognizes the need not to product any of its own.

However, steroids and the like do also deliver a level of toxicity to the liver and kidneys, particularly if they are taken in oral format.

When your course or cycle of steroids finishes, your body takes a while to adjust and to recognize that testosterone needs to be produced again.

It is this that you need to avoid, this period of ‘down time’.

If you are not producing testosterone or even supplementing any you can lose your hard won gains as well as your sex drive.

I have experienced this first hand and it is a horrendous feeling, even when you know what the situation is and why it is caused.

You can read more about my experience, here.

So, essentially a PCT is there to help kick start your own natural testosterone production again and help protect the organs such as the liver and kidneys.

It can also help towards increasing your sex drive/libido, too.

I normally take TestoFuel which has seen me make some great gains, not to mention sending my sex drive through the roof after I had finished my cycle of prohormones ages ago.


Arimistane (Androst 3,5-dien-7, 17-dione) – Theoretically may be able to increase testosterone levels.

However, as no human or animal interventions have been conducted with Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione we don’t actually know.

L-Dopa (Macuna Pruriens) – This is actually good for treating people with Parkinsons. There’s a mixed bag of results for testosterone but look mainly positive.

Results have shown an increase in testosterone levels in infertile men, however, results are very limited for fertile men.

It is effective to reduce cortisol levels – high stress levels can harm testosterone production.

Carduus Mar (Milk Thistle) – A great ingredient used to flush out and protect the liver as well as help repair cells but more required for anyone doing a course or Prohormones or oral anabolic steroids.


The label instructs us to have up to 2 tablets per day.

It is recommended that we have at least 4 tablets spread evenly across the day, as per the best testosterone booster on the market.

When you have more doses throughout the day it ensures your body always has nutrients to work with.

Additionally, if your body receives an overload of ingredients at once, it will not utilize anything it doesn’t require at the time which can lead to waste.

Each daily serving equates to 1235mg which is not the worst we have seen.

This is less than what we find in effective testosterone boosters such as Prime Male.

Effects & Benefits:

L-Dopa can reduce levels of stress and too much stress prevents testosterone levels from increasing.

If you are an infertile male this can actually increase testosterone levels too.

Milk thistle is great to flush out the liver of any toxins.


There’s no scientific proof that Armistane can increase testosterone levels. In fact there’s very little studies surrounding it at all.

Then, while L-Dopa can reduce stress which will prevent testosterone from flourishing, it will only actually increase testosterone levels if you are infertile.

Infertile men only account for approximately 12% of the global male population, and that is a generous estimate given by the World Health Authority.

To say that this is a minimal product would be optimistic at best.

There’s only 3 ingredients and 1 isn’t proven to do anything.

Therefore, being asked to pay $33.99 for just 1 reliably effective ingredient which can help rid your liver of toxins is a bit much, especially as Milk thistle can be bought separately for very little.

My Lecheek Nutrition AD-3 PCT Testosterone Booster Review Conclusion:

So, as a post cycle therapy this offers very little.

As a testosterone booster this is not reliable.

It can help with flushing out the liver once your steroid cycle has finished but you can buy milk thistle for very little money and in higher doses.

There’s barely any, if anything in here at all that will help towards increasing testosterone levels unless you are an infertile man.

That is not a good result when you consider testosterone boosters such as TestoFuel which I use offer over 8 proven ingredients with adequate and effective doses.

Take a look at what works to maximize your workouts.



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