Legion Athletics Forge Fat Burner Review // Can It Work?

Legion Athletics Forge Fat Burner Review First Look:

With vacation’s looming and regardless how well my body may look in the toilet mirror at work with the down lighting, when you are strutting around the pool in France it just doesn’t look the same.

Therefore I am quite keen to try and lose an extra bit of flab around my midriff and lower back if possible as this is where it is the most stubborn and seems to be the last place that I can lose it.

So, along with a decent diet and a bit of exercise it is also good to incorporate a fat burner such as Instant Knockout in to your regime.

An effective fat burner will help you just burn those extra calories each required to give you that little edge you are looking for.

However, it does have to be an effective fat burner, with effective and proven fat burning ingredients.

Not all are equal, in fact, most are downright criminal they are that bad.

I am interested to see what Forge can offer as the previous fat burner we took a look at by Legion Athletics wasn’t particularly useful.



Calcium – Results show that training results in increased testosterone levels in athletes and that the increase is greater if accompanied by calcium supplementation.


However, a recent study has warned against calcium supplementation due to the increased risk of a heart attack.


Calcium Hydroxy Methyltbutyrate (HMB) – CaHMB improved strength and MQ without RE. Further, RE is an effective intervention for improving all measures of body composition and functionality.


Yohimbe – Related to Yohimbine, Yohimbe is a powerful stimulant and used to increase fat loss as well as assist with erectile dysfunction. Can cause a host of other problems though, this is in our supplements to avoid list.

Supplementation with yohimbine combined with resistance training does not significantly alter the body mass, muscle mass, or performance indicators.




Cognizin (citicoline) –  Studies have shown that it can have beneficial effects both in degenerative and in vascular cognitive decline.




The dose is body weight dependent. Therefore, for me at 200lbs I would need 4 pills per day.

1 pill per 50lbs of body weight.

This would equate up to a healthy and buoyant 3099mg daily, for me anyway.

This dose is not too bad considering some of the supplements we come across and compares well with the best fat burners which tend to offer in excess of 3000mg.

Effects & Benefits:

Funny one this, because while there is Yohimbe which can help with fat loss they rest of the ingredients do not.

Plus Yohimbe is potentially dangerous.

Therefore the benefits are seriously limited.

The dosing is good, but realistically it needs to be with a good quality and well developed product.


Yohimbe is the only ingredient present that could actually help with fat loss, but not without the risks.

The other ingredients would benefit you more for cognitive health and to build strength or muscle.

However, even then the Calcium when supplemented can cause artery plaque furthering the cardiovascular risks posed by the Yohimbe.

It seems whichever corner we turn, there’s a problem. Or, there’s at least something that is not going to benefit fat loss.

Legion Athletics Forge Fat Burner Review Conclusion:

Okay, what we have here is a supplement marketed as a fat burner yet only 1 of the 4 ingredients can help with fat burning.

Then, to add hindrance to this, that sole effective ingredient can cause a host of health issues that puts the risk too high to consider using it.

Then, this can also be said about Calcium, which, over long term use, when supplemented can actually line the arteries with plaque.

This means we are provided with a double whammy of potentially cardiovascular problems in just 1 bottle.

The remaining ingredients can help wither strength or alleviate cognitive decline but that isn’t helping our fat loss goals.

There are superior and safer fat burners on the market though which you should consider taking a look at..



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