Let’s build some serious muscle and might!


testosteronejunkie.com: Let's Build Muscle

testosteronejunkie.com: Let’s Build Muscle

One of the main questions anyone asks when new to weightlifting is, “What exercises should I do?”

There’s no real avoiding it; compound exercises are the most productive in terms of building superior strength and size.

Along with the deadlift and the bench press, the squat is (should be if it already isn’t) the mainstay of any routine.  Let’s face it, two thirds of our body consists of our back, buttocks and legs – if you fail to exercise these you are not going to be as big or as strong as you really can be.

These exercises are the most productive to stimulate muscular growth and strength gains.  For technically so little work, these three exercises can produce mound of muscle and condition the body to be more responsive towards weightlifting.

It is because these exercises demand so much hard work and affect such a large mass of muscle that they are so productive.

In essentially one movement you are hitting a large number of muscle groups that would take you hours to target individually using the fancy isolation machines in most modern gyms.

Putting in hard work in these (particularly the squat and deadlift) exercises  provides a mysterious growth effect by improving your metabolism and internal efficiency.

Many people are working far too hard focusing on too many individual areas of their body to achieve large gains (mainly because of fad excise regimes and copying uninformed people in the gym), it only takes 3 simple exercises (if done correctly) to build the most muscle and might.

Compound exercises also stimulate testosterone production, this hormone has anabolic effects which are related to the development of muscle tissue.  While the unnaturally high levels of synthetic anabolic testosterone found in the bodies of anabolic steroid users can not be matched, we can at least trigger the secretion of more naturally developed testosterone if compound exercises are worked hard.


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