Is Too Much Cardio Bad For Testosterone Levels?

Is there a relationship between sex and athleticism?

There’s the whole idea that abstaining from sex prior to competition can make you more aggressive, however, studies using evidence found that this was purely anecdotal rather than fact.

Furthermore, it was found that abstinence appeared to have a negative effect on sporting performance.

However, how about the relationship between excessive cardiovascular exercise and the effect it may have on libido?

Interestingly enough, the first ever study was published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and involved researchers from the University of North Carolina.

It is also interesting to understand that testosterone levels can be raised through exercise and increase the libido also, particularly on sedentary men.

This is because there is a link between male sexual libido and testosterone.

Yet, until now, the effects of prolonged cardiovascular exercise on libido haD not been studied.

The year long study involved 1077 healthy males who participate in endurance sporting activities such as running, cycling and triathlons.

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The results were fascinating…

Those men who engaged in higher intensity of aerobic exercise and longer duration of aerobic exercise for years at a time showed a significant correlation with a decreased libido.

It is thought that the excessive fatigue both mentally and physically due to the prolonged intense exercise regime is the main contributing factor to reduce libido scores.

As a result, if there are fertility problems in a relationship the current exercise regime should well be evaluated to see if the intensity is a complicating matter.

It is important to understand that exercise itself will not crush libido, it is only the intensity and extreme endurance which is playing a negative role.

In this respect it is less likely to affect the more recreational exerciser who trains less often and more focused on athletes who train at high intensities and volumes for years.


It isn’t just men who can be affected either, women can suffer from menstrual dysfunctions and potentially, this could effect their fertility.

Studies from the 1980’s and 1990’s suggested that with high levels of exercise and insufficient calorie intake could lead the a loss of ovulation.

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