MuscleTech Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max Fat Burner Review

MuscleTech Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max Fat Burner Review First Look:

Guess what I have been doing for the past 6 days?

I have had Gastroenteritis which is basically an illness which onsets huge and regular bouts of (in my case at least) diarrhea. Not only has it lasted for 6 days, it shows no sign of giving up.

This is a great weight loss tactic.

It also helps you lose your mind, your sanity and will to live. You will also end up on a IV drip in hospital.

I therefore do not recommend this tactic. Not that I could really point you in the direction of how to contract such a evil illness. I can only assume it was some smoked salmon that had caused it, but I cannot be too sure.

To add insult to injury I was on vacation, that meant the latter part of my vacation was effectively ruined.

A safer way, a more humane way and a much less painful way is to exercise and then when you feel you need a bit of extra help chose a good fat burner which can help rid those final bits you want to lose, and thus help you get the body you desire.

As per usual, being a product from the MuscleTech giant this looks just like anyone of of their other vast array of supplements…apart from a twist.

There’s a bit of metallic pink.

What can this absurdity mean?

Well, it is pitched towards ladies.

The rumors suggest that pink was actually used for boys in the 17th century, I am partial to a bit of pink myself.

Now, color aside, I always find that the basic ingredients are required to burn fat regardless of gender. To include other ingredients to give it just a gender spin is not required and is purely for marketing only.

I will be surprised to see if this is any different.



Vitamin A – Vitamin A is key for good vision, a healthy immune system, and cell growth.

Folic Acid (Vit. B9) – There’s many benefits of Folic Acid, treating kidney problems is one of them. Folic acid can also help produce more testosterone along with B12 but also necessary to form red blood cells and is also necessary in the formation of DNA.

Biotin – Biotin is an important component of enzymes in the body that break down certain substances like fats, carbohydrates, and others.

Zinc – Supplementation of Zinc in studies on obese participants it has shown that the mean weight, BMI, BMI Z-score decreased significantly.

Iron – This mineral helps produce red blood cells which delivers oxygen to the muscles.

Iron may also help with learning and thinking.

C. Canephora Robusta (Green Coffee Extract) – Evidence from research has indicated that the consumption of caffeinated coffee can lead to some reductions in long-term weight gain.

These weight loss results are likely to be due to the known thermogenic effects of the caffeine.

This is found in the best fat burners such as Instant Knockout.

Caffeine Anhydrous – The purest form of caffeine available.  It stimulates the central nervous system (CNS), heart, muscles, and the centers that control blood pressure to give you an extra boost and hit that PB.

This is found in Instant Knockout which is the best fat burner available at present.

Choline BiTartrate – Choline is mostly used for either its cognitive boosting properties or as a liver health agent, able to reduce fatty liver buildup.

It may also be a stimulant although this is based on anecdote. Requires around 250-500mg per day for cognitive benefits. Choline does not offer any significant benefits for aerobic capacity, fatigue or training capacity.

Yohimbe – Related to Yohimbine, Yohimbe is a powerful stimulant and used to increase fat loss as well as assist with erectile dysfunction. Can cause a host of other problems though, this is in our supplements to avoid list.

Supplementation with yohimbine combined with resistance training does not significantly alter the body mass, muscle mass, or performance indicators.

Forslean (Coleus forskohlii) – Forskolin is a chemical found in the roots of the plant Plectranthus barbatus.

This plant has been used since ancient times to treat heart disorders such as high blood pressure and chest pain (angina), as well as respiratory disorders such as asthma, it can also assist with reducing fat mass in obese people.

However, no reliable scientific information that shows Coleus forskohlii extracts taken by mouth are effective.

Beta-cryptoxanthin (Satsuma) –  This is interesting, studies say that this may actually be protective against lung cancer. Not only that, it may be able to prevent the spread of malignant cells and build muscle.

Hisbiscus – This may, may treat high blood pressure.



The advice is to take 2 capsules twice daily which provides a barely adequate and not at all competitive 1166.6mg daily.

This is a low daily dose when compared with the best fat burners which tend to offer in excess of 3000mg.

Effects & Benefits:

Now, looking through these ingredients I wouldn’t say there’s anything included that would particularly benefit a woman taking this over a man.

It is also important to say that there’s only 3 reliable and effective fat burning ingredients found in the shape of:

  • Zinc
  • Caffeine
  • C. canephora

That is not a lot of ingredients at all to help you fight the flab.


Just 3 of 12 ingredients being effective at burning fat is hardly ground breaking or a unique sales proposition (USP).

In fact it is downright dismal. Consider this too, it is $80.99 per bottle!

So we have an under dosed, expensive product that is only 25% effective at doing the job you would buy it for..? Seems a bit ludicrous.

It is not to say you will not benefit from the other 9 ingredients but we’re not paying vast sums of money to treat or prevent anything else we are buying it with the intention that it does what it says on the bottle. To reduce fat mass.

It is then also imperative that we mention its inclusion of Yohimbe which can cause a number of issues not least cardiovascular so it is best to avoid this ingredient.

I have experienced a particularly high dose in a pre workout supplement and it was fairly alarming to say the truth. Plus its real effectiveness is debatable.

MuscleTech Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max Fat Burner Review Conclusion:

Take a look at the best fat burner on the market which takes the 3 proven ingredients found in this then builds upon it with more proven ingredients.

This merely provides a light dusting of what is known to be effective and then loads the rest of the supplement up with ingredients that are not necessarily beneficial to our quest of fat loss.

Put it like this, you want a rain jacket to keep you dry, nothing else, just dry and you can layer up appropriately for the conditions.

You take a look at this because it is at the more expensive end of the market.

However, it is more style over substance. The rain proofing is more akin to that of a tea bag and it has a hood lined with fur.

This is what MuscleTech are offering with Hydroxycut SX-7 Black Onyx Max. It looks the part, but it’s more about the additionals rather than the core attributes.



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