My MuscleTech Essential Series Platinum 100% L-Carnitine Fat Burner Review

My MuscleTech Essential Series Platinum 100% L-Carnitine Fat Burner Review First Look:

Myself and the girlfriend went out last night for diner and drinks.

I must admit, the food was good and plentiful, as were the desserts.

We had a bottle of wine between us, an espresso martini each then we headed off to a bar and had two further drinks.

That’s not too much at all, before it got much later we grabbed a cab home and was in bed for midnight…so not too late.

We both woke up at around 6am this morning and had a cup of tea in bed before getting ready for work, and, I felt fine.

We took the train in to the city and I was talking away feeling quite sprightly.

Then, I sat down at my desk at work and it hit me like a 10 ton truck.

Fuck me sideways, I have felt rough all day.

So what can you do? My go to remedy is always a can of full sugar coke and usually candy.

I even went out for some street food with my girlfriend this lunchtime to see what could sort us both out, but we are a lost cause.

However, all of this sugary badness and gorging on fatty foods to help us overcome our excess from the previous night will do us no good when it comes to keeping trim.

Normally, I would like to think that my diet is generally in check and that I eat fairly clean and do not consume too much alcohol during the week…hic!

So, to give me a bit of help I try to maintain a cardio commitment and use supplements for that extra bit of help.

I tend to use a fat burner called Instant Knockout because it contains a whole host of effective ingredients that are proven to stimulate fat burn.

I have seen some great results too, that you can see here.

This Carnitine supplement has just been released by a popular muscle building site, therefore, it will be interesting to see how this will work especially when compared to Instant Knockout which I use on a regular basis with great results when combined with a normal exercise and food regime.



Carnitine – Acetyl-L-carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.

Men who were supplemented 2g per day showed an increase of Insulin like growth hormone when combined with exercise.

Very limited evidence to suggest any fat loss unless you are an elderly person.



Up to 2 capsules per day.

This would equate up to a fairly ill considered 1000mg daily.

This dose is bad considering the best fat burners tend to offer in excess of 3000mg.

Plus, many other Carnitine supplements I have experienced offer way more than 1000mg!

We recommend that you have at least 4 servings spread evenly across the day, as per the best fat burner on the market.

This way your body has a constant trickle of the ingredients to work with in order to stimulate testosterone and to ensure that if you get a large hit of ingredients it isn’t wasted if your body doesn’t require them.

Effects & Benefits:

Carnitine, when dosed adequately can increase insulin like growth hormone which helps toward increased muscle mass.

Otherwise is is good for bodily function and creating energy which can help you go for that 5am run. You mad bastard.

Carnitine in all forms is used or required for energy.


Carnitine is not actually a fat burning ingredient per se, it helps contribute to fat loss by giving you extra energy and can help you build more muscle but it isn’t a direct fat burning ingredient like Cayenne Pepper.

Unless of course you are an elderly person whereby it seems to have some fat loss benefits for that group of people.

This product also offers a really low dose when compared to other Carnitine supplements.

Not only that, but some other Carnitine products emerging on the market have started to include additional ingredients just to ensure maximum effectiveness.

If we look at the wider spectrum of fat burner supplements, the decent and effective products such as those we have placed in out top 3 offer over 8, proven and beneficial ingredients known to stimulate calorie expenditure.

More calories burned means a road to less fat mass.

Carnitne when supplemented at 2000mg per day can actually increase growth hormone when you exercise which can help muscle development, but this offers half that amount.

My MuscleTech Essential Series Platinum 100% L-Carnitine Fat Burner Review Conclusion:

There’s only one ingredient included in this product.

That can increase growth hormone when taken in the adequate amounts…this misses that required amount by 50%

Carnitine can help provide more energy for you to hit the gym or the running track. It can also help you build more muscle and more muscle mass means more calories burned while resting.

Which is good, but it will not help burn more calories by raising body temperature as found with ingredients contained in the better more accomplished fat burners such as Instant Knockout.

Therefore, if you buy this fat burner you will end up supplementing it with additional supplements.

This is because it omits proven ingredients such as:

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Caffeine
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • B12
  • Glucomannan
  • B6

So this will have some benefit, but it is much simpler to buy and use a product that contains all of the required ingredients rather than mixing different supplements.



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