My RSP Nutrition QUADRA LEAN Fat Burner Review

My RSP Nutrition QUADRA LEAN Fat Burner Review First Look:

I’ve eaten well today and only succumbed once to bad foods which was a chocolate chip muffin.

However, I still feel a bit ropy from the weekend and am looking forward to going over to see my girlfriend tonight to chill on the sofa.

However, that is not before I have cycled home tonight because this time I have not forgotten my key for my bike lock and once I am home I will feed the cat who has been out all day and hit some weights.

This upcoming weekend I have a few errands to do around the house and am looking forward to some down time.

No drinking sessions that leave me feeling horrendous for days afterwards, no laying around in bed with the fear and no headache or indecisiveness or confusion.

Plus, as you may have read, drinking to excess can also play havoc with your hormones, both men and women can experience some adverse effects that may also risk fertility.

It also can increase weight gain, and we do not want that, hence why here i am looking at a fat burner that may be able to help ward off any excess fat mass.

This is ranked highly on a popular muscle building site, therefore, it will be interesting to see how this will work especially when compared to Instant Knockout which I use on a regular basis with great results when combined with a normal exercise and food regime.



Chromium –  Research suggests that chromium might improve weight loss in some people who are overweight or obese.

Green Tea – well known to have many powerful health benefits. Clinical studies suggest that green tea extract may boost metabolism and help burn fat.

One study found that the combination of green tea and caffeine improved weight loss and maintenance in people who were overweight and moderately obese.

Some researchers think that substances in green tea known as catechins are responsible for the herb’s fat-burning effect. Green tea extract is found in many a good fat burning supplement.

Paradoxine (Aframomum Melegueta/Grains of Paradise) – Oral ingestion of GP extract increases energy expenditure.

Carnitine – Acetyl-L-carnitine helps the body produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.

Men who were supplemented 2g per day showed an increase of Insulin like growth hormone when combined with exercise.

Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) – Initial reports and studies have showed that CLA helped a bunch of women who did no exercise lose 9% body fat.

However, further studies are showing very mixed, if not medicore results that aren’t really setting the world alight, in fact the side effects are having their presence felt moreso outweighing any real benefits.

Any benefits that were found meant that the composition had to be greater than 80%.



Up to 6 pills per day.

This would equate up to a strong 3050.24mg daily.

This dose is good considering the best fat burners tend to offer in excess of 3000mg.

We are instructed to take 3 pills twice daily.

It is recommended that we have at least 4 tablets spread evenly across the day, as per the best fat burner on the market.

This way your body has a constant trickle of the ingredients to work with in order to stimulate testosterone and to ensure that if you get a large hit of ingredients it isn’t wasted if your body doesn’t require them.

Effects & Benefits:

We have three ingredients present which are able to reduce fat mass by increasing the metabolism.

Two of which are found in our favorite fat burner…

Green Tea and Chromium are all found in Instant Knockout which is considered the best fat burner on the market.

Then there is Paradoxine (Aframomum Melegueta/Grains of Paradise) which can increase calorie expenditure.

Carnitine, when dosed adequately can increase insulin like growth hormone which helps toward increased muscle mass.

Otherwise is is good for bodily function and creating energy which can help you go for that 5am run. You mad bastard.

There’s also CLA included.

CLA has had a very distinctive and amazing result at reducing fat mass in women who did not exercise and just supplemented CLA, however, the results have been hard to replicate.


Carnitine is too low dosed to be truly and fully effective.

It needs to be doubled and then we can experience the growth hormone effects which will help build lean muscle mass.

More lean muscle means that more calories are burned just maintaining it.

CLA is seen as a bit of a wonder ingredient from its initial research results, yet, as already mentioned those initial results seem difficult to replicate.

Plus, we need a composition of 80% in respect of CLA and we are not given the composition level here.

This means it is not quite as conclusive as initially thought.

On the whole, this fat burner is lacking further ingredients that are proven to stimulate fat burn.

Fat burner’s such as Instant Knockout contain 10 proven and effective ingredients, whereas this only includes five ingredients, one of those is not conclusive either and the other is under dosed to be optimal.

My RSP Nutrition QUADRA LEAN Fat Burner Review Conclusion:

There are some good fat burning ingredients included in this product and increase energy.

However, it lacks a number of additional proven ingredients that are found in other proven fat burners.

That means we are only left with three conclusive ingredients that are proven to raise the metabolism which is not a lot, not when many fat burners contain 10 ingredients.

Therefore, if you buy this fat burner you will end up supplementing it with additional supplements.

Just buy one that contains everything.

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