My Nature’s Way African Mango Fat Burner Review

My Nature’s Way African Mango Fat Burner Review First Look:

I’ve just cycled home and because the nights are closing in I couldn’t go down the path alongside the river as it is too dark and a bit dicey.

That meant back on the roads dodging traffic. This isn’t too bad, I do not mind dodging traffic.

However, whereas alongside the river it is flat until the last half mile, the route that takes me on the street is hilly, this is extra work.

One way to look at it is that it is extra pain on my way home after an already long day at work and not exactly great for my legs if I am wanting to hit the deadlifts that evening.

Another view is that this extra output means more calories burned and thus an increased fat loss providing I do not start eating more junk.

This is how fat loss works.

Increased calorie expenditure equals fat loss.

This is how fat burners help. Good fat burners will include a number of ingredients that are able to help you burn more calories than usual and thus helps toward that calorie deficit.

I tend to use a fat burner called Instant Knockout because it contains a whole host of effective ingredients that are proven to stimulate fat burn.

I have seen some great results too, that you can see here.

This African Mango supplement has just been released by a popular muscle building site, therefore, it will be interesting to see how this will work especially when compared to Instant Knockout which I use on a regular basis with great results when combined with a normal exercise and food regime.


button-4 African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis)– There are a few research studies on the health effects of IG extracts, and most have been sponsored by supplement makers, make of that what you will… This is found in EVLNutrition Lean Mode but that didn’t score very well with us.

Tends to be paired with other fat burning supplements which actually work whereas this doesn’t do a great deal.

Glucomannan – This is a soluble, fermentable, and highly viscous dietary fiber derived from the root of the elephant yam or konjac plant, which is native to Asia.

Preliminary evidence suggests that Glucomannan can promote weight loss.



Up to 2 pills per day. These are to be split in to two doses of one pill.

This would equate up to 500mg daily.

This dose is not great considering the best fat burners tend to offer in excess of 3000mg.

We recommend that you have at least 4 tablets spread evenly across the day, as per the best fat burner on the market.

This way your body has a constant trickle of the ingredients to work with in order to stimulate fat burn and to ensure that if you get a large hit of ingredients it isn’t wasted if your body doesn’t require them.

Effects & Benefits:

Glucomannan is often found in effective fat burners such as Instant Knockout.

This is because tests have shown excellent potential to help maintain and control a healthy weight.


African Mango is not proven to help with fat loss at all.

The daily dose is low and so is the number of ingredients included.

Fat burner’s such as Instant Knockout contain 10 proven and effective ingredients, whereas this only includes five ingredients, one of those is not conclusive either and the other is under dosed to be optimal.

My Nature’s Way African Mango Fat Burner Review Conclusion:

There’s only one ingredient included in this that can contribute to more fat loss.

However, that is seen as the ‘secondary’ ingredient which is laughable.

Having Glucomannan included is reassuring because it is found in the most effective fat burner on the market.

However, this is where the similarity ends because it lacks a number of additional proven ingredients that are found in other proven fat burners.

Plus, Instant Knockout includes five times the amount of Glucomannan than this supplement does!

Therefore, if you buy this fat burner you will end up supplementing it with additional supplements.

This is because it omits proven ingredients such as:

  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Caffeine
  • Green Coffee Extract
  • Chromium
  • Zinc
  • B12
  • B6

So this will have some very limited benefit, but it is much simpler to buy and use a product that contains all of the required ingredients rather than mixing different supplements.



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