Are These Old School Lifting Techniques DANGEROUS?

As with everything in this world, weightlifting has moved on and progressed.

Supplements have moved on and progressed, cars, technology and ideas.

However, how many of us look back at the past through rose tinted spectacles and think the old times were better?

So, are the old ways the best when it comes to building muscle?

It is hard to deny that the ‘Golden Era’ really was a time when aesthetics seemed to be just right…as were the drugs.

However, was it down to their lifting practices and why is it now that competitive bodybuilders are so much more developed, is it purely down to the development of better drugs and supplements or has the techniques, practices and science evolved so much that they are the reason behind the super mutant sized men and women we see?

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Clearly genetics is to play for a lot of this but can it just be down to that or that with more money in the pot more time can be used to obsess over development?

This video shows you some of the routines used by the legends of the ‘Golden Era’, their well sculpted bodies look magnificent.

However, there are concerns that these old school techniques were damaging to the body and leave the user with injuries.

Have you ever tried using these often, long forgotten techniques to maximize your gains?

Some of the basic compound lifts such as bench press, deadlift and squat will never go out of fashion due to their effectiveness and they create the foundation upon we build for further strength and size gains.

We would love to hear your opinions on the exercises seen in the video and whether you incorporate them in to your routine and what the results have been.

We would also love to know if there is anything else you use or do to keep yourself progressing in the gym.

Answers on a postcard please.

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