Is There Really A Steroid Crisis Within Amateur Sport?


According the the UK Anti-Doping agency steroid use is almost at crisis point within every level of sport, including amateur level.

According to reports those who compete in amateur sport 35% of them questioned knew of someone who had used or uses performance enhancing drugs. Up to 8% of those questioned admitted to steroid use.

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Up to 50% of sports players believe that the use of performance enhancing drugs is widespread amongst sport.

This has led to the Chief of UKAD to describe the outcome of this study as ‘incredibly alarming’.

Further investigation reveled that 49% of people who play sorts on a regular basis thought that it was easy to obtain steroids and other performance enhancing drugs.

Current Bans

UKAD have said that there are currently 52 athletes and coaches serving bans.

12% of professional sports players.

2% being semi-professional players.

5% consist of coaches.

A huge 62% are amateurs sports players!

Almost half of all the banned players are from either rugby league or rugby union. Furthermore, the majority are either semi-professional or amateur level.

The results suggest that every sport at every level has some sort of issue with PEDs.

Reasons For Use

Those who had admitted steroid use reasoned that the use was for improving performance but closely followed by use for pain management, something certainly noticed with my use.

While there was an admission regarding vanity, this was the least likely reason for use.

When the investigation took in to account all of those admitting use of PEDs be it steroids or other drugs, over half said it was for pain relief while only a quarter wanted performance gains.

It also seems that the younger generation are most likely to take steroids, people over 55 hadn’t touched them.

The most surprising result of the study was that nearly as many women admitted to taking steroid as men.

Laws Regarding Steroids

There are over 50 types of anabolic steroids that are banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

However, in the UK at least, possession and personal use of steroids is not illegal.

Only supplying steroids to other people is illegal.

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