Is Rich Piana Really A Racist? Let’s Discuss

Rich Piana is known for not mincing his words.

He speaks the truth and offers a real insight in to the world of body building and it isn’t always pretty.

He is outspoken and opinionated. This can annoy many people, however, their is a real honesty there that can mean that people will warm to him.

He certainly is of the opinion he is trying to help people, regardless of the haters.

However, he seems to have got himself in a bit of bother, and it wasn’t too long ago when he was in bother after hitting a man at an expo.

To be fair to Rich, this guy, although with some learning difficulties, had placed an ‘order 66’ on Rich’s social media because he wasn’t happy about Rich.

You can read about that mishap, here.

So what has Rich Piana done this time?

Well, well, it seems around 10 years ago he discovered that his girlfriend of the time had cheated on him.

It is also evident that this man was black.

Rich, in a fit of rage kept referring to him as a nig*er, repeatedly.

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Now, naturally this has raised concern, more to the point, it has offered many people a pedestal to comment and preach.

Rich vehemently denies that he is a racist. It can be said that most people, when hurt will try to find the most hurtful descriptive of the person that has affected them, and is by calling some a derogatory name because of the color of their skin any different to attacking someone because of the way they look otherwise?

Hurtful and derogatory names and comments are nasty in all situations, so why has this gotten so much publicity?

As Lee Priest says in this video, is the name he used getting so much attention because people will not stop using it? Would this offensive word which seems to be used quite frequently and openly amongst black people stop becoming offensive if people stopped using and it died a death?

If Rich had repeatedly called him a honky, piece of trash or just a midget (I get called that often) would this have garnered the hate towards Rich?

Rightly or wrongly, when someone is in a fit of rage and angry because someone has caused harm and upset and we can all find words and offensive comments we wouldn’t normally say, but its offensive and it is meant to have more of an impact, even if it isn’t the ‘real’ you and a slip of the tongue.

We have all lashed out, we are not all angels. So is all of this really worth the hype?

Is Rich really a racist? Do we all have nasty prejudices within? To an extent, probably yes.

Before you all get up in the air and start branding me a racist, let me just tell you this. My cat is black and I have had relationships with girls of different races in the past. *Get out of jail free card*

On a serious note, have a look at the video below, and cast your judgement.

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