Some Reasons Anabolic Steroids Are Used

What are your thoughts on the use of anabolic steroids?

I personally have tried them a few times and have had some good results, however, this has also been marred with some not so great post cycle effects which may have put me off trying them again.

In addition, it was commented or noticed that during a certain period when I was taking steroids by someone who didn’t know I was on the cycle at the time said that my attitude changed slightly and I wasn’t the same person they knew.

I wasn’t anymore aggressive but I was a little less patient and a bit more ‘short’ with my responses to people.

I also suffered from a period of low libido which then began to play on my mind; this wasn’t too pleasant and was eventually overcome by taking a testosterone booster to kick start my natural testosterone production.

Either way, I haven’t had a massive deal of experience with them but have tried it nonetheless.

Now, they are a taboo subject, not to mention a legal issue in some regions so public figures who are clearly ‘juicing’ will never freely admit it, thus there is always an uncertain air about their use.

There are long standing users in the public eye and then there are people with very little gym experience who have not pushed the limits of their own physical and genetic ability who will jump straight in to the worls of steroids to emulate their heros.

These are the 4 common reasons why men start juicing:

1. Impress People

There is a common misconception that muscled men get the girls and that looking like an adonis is necessary. This is exacerbated by the many commercials we see sporting men with chisled torso’s attracting all of the women.

This ultimately feeds on the insecurities of men who think that their only hope to get lots of girls is to get jacked and ripped.

However, take a closer look the next time you are out. Are there hoards of women hanging around the entrace to a gym desperate to hang on to the arms of the next beefcake? Are there scores of women trying to drag the biggest man back home from the club?
No. More often than not, yoou see the most physically intimidationg man sat alone with a scowl wondering why he isn’t surrounded by women.

While when we pick a ‘mate’ there has to be a physical attraction and certainly an element of picking a mate is the subconscious evaluation of whether they are fit enough to reproduce, yet, time after time women certainly say that making them laugh is a bigger key to their heart.

2. Want To Be A Trainer

The aim of the game these days is to land a role in the glamouress worls of personal training.

Obviously with that comes the need to look ripped and jacked ootherwise no one will hire you.

Therefore, any would be personal trainer then seems to gravitate towards steroids rather than increasing their knowledge regarding nutrition, routines and the science behind developing muscle and fitness.

Having layers and depth of your craft will win more clients than just having large shoulders and rock hard, defined abdominal muscles plus pin marks on your ass.

3. Social Media

Posting photos of yourself and motivational quotes may get your a few hundred likes on numerous social media platforms. It may even get you a few tubs of mass gainer or other supplements for free that you can ‘endorse’.

However, that is not particularly remarkable and it is not necessarily a living. Saying that you are a sponsored athlete is all well and good if you are a professional athlete in a professional arena.

However, if you are just a person who gets a friend to take snaps while you are performing tricep pull downs while wearing a particular tee shirt for likes, you must understand that it isn’t a career. Oh, and those other socialmedia ‘stars’, that isn’t their Lambo or Benz.

Plus, if you start entering ‘natty’ competitions while juicing to raise your profile, it will come out in the wash, just look at Uyleses. Then how will you feel when exposed as a fraud? Probably as low as SHREDZ’s Devin Physique.

4. It is suggested by their PT

Yes, you read that correctly.

With quick results being expected, many people can get frustrated when their efforts do not bare much fruit for a long period of time.

This can also be applied to any unscrupulous PT’s who want quick results to show off to other potential clients to win more business.

There is also the common idea that everyone who has a notable physque is a user of steroids and the risks are minimal.

Furthermore, it may not be entirely uncommon for then the PT to supply the steorids, thus they get double the income from one client.

This is probabaly known as the much celebrated ‘hustling’.

Pushing steroids on to a client highlights the fact they know little of their trade and have an inability and lack of confidence to deliver results.

Plus they can make a couple of thousand extra bucks in the process.

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