How To Spot A Good Personal Trainer

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It seems everyone is sporting ‘PT’ in their Facebook name these days.

And it doesn’t take much to really become a Personal Trainer. A few exams, theory and practical lessons and away thousands go, skipping off to the gym and social media to tout their wares.

Some even try to elevate their status by calling themselves ‘Elite PT’.

This is nothing more than…erm…well probably nothing. Do not be fooled.

There are some excellent PT’s out there that can really help you reach your goals. There’s so much information on the internet around training programs etc that a PT may seem redundant.

However, what a good PT can offer is solid advice suited to you and your body as well as your stage of development.

They can help avoid injury.

They offer good motivation, something a quick read on Reddit cannot really offer.

Here’s a few basic tell tale signs that you do have a good PT:

They Teach Compound Exercises

A good PT will go through the intrinsic detail of how to correctly perform a compound lift. Not only that, they will understand how and what the benefits are.

Many trainers not worth their salt will try to overlook them and say they’re too much of a risk or they’re not necessary and point you towards a bicep curl machine (here’s your chance to run away!)

This is incorrect. Compound lifts are the absolute basis of strengthening the core.

They’re inclusion of a training plan will help you develop strength, muscular development, increase your testosterone levels and help you cut fat due to their massive calorific usage.

A Good PT Will Not Try To Up Sell

The basis of any good workout plan is exactly that. A plan of action and how best to exercise your body to achieve the best results.

Not to sell you ‘special’ equipment or supplements from a particular shop.

Supplements are not required at first. Knuckling down and getting to know your body, a number of exercises, nutrition and your limits are the initial steps.

Sound Nutritional Advice

You hear so much about ‘bulking’ and that because you are burning off a few more calories it gives you Carte Blanche to eat everything.

This is not the case.

You need a number of calories (around 2500) per day. Eating more or extremely high calorific foods just mean you need to spend way more time in the gym.

Do not start panicking about not being able to eat 8 mini meals a day either. You will be fine with 3 meals per day as long as they are nutritious.

A good PT does not follow passing fickle trends.

Aware Of Injuries And Your Overall Health

When you met your PT did they ask about any previous or current injuries, medical conditions? Or did they just do a quick visual analysis?

A solid PT will go through your history of illnesses, stresses or injuries.

They will not scream at you to push through joint or back pains. Pain is there for a reason, to tell you to stop.

Making you lift 100lbs over your head when your have a rotator cuff injury may line his/her pockets for now but your will be forever indebted to the health service later down the line.

They Dismiss Spot Fat Reduction

Or that squats rids you of cellulite. Spot fat reduction is not possible.

You can do all of the training in the world but if your body determines that the last place you will lose fat is your upper arms, That is the last place you will see a reduction in fat. Deal with it.

Doing 100 crunches per day will not shed belly fat.

In fact unless you have around 10% body fat you will not see your abs.

Your abs are always there so as long as you are overall 10% body fat or less they will be visible and doing lots of crunches is not entirely necessary if you are just training for aesthetics.

Full Of Knowledge

A good trainer will always explain why he/her is instructing you to do a particular exercise and the benefits.

They will also tell you which muscles are being activated, which are not and what the correct form is and why incorrect form of that particular exercise could be harmful.

They will also encourage you to ask questions and also give them feedback on what you are feeling

A good PT will be proud of their knowledge, a bad one will try to avoid telling you anything about it apart from instructing you to do it or avoid asking you any questions.

Knowing The Line Of Professionalism

You have your set hours allotted and you pay for their services. They should be open to out of hours questions but they will not invite you to start socializing, hanging out in clubs and bars nor start offering recreational drugs.

A good PT will offer and provide excellent physical training and nutritional advice, not lead your down the rabbit hole at 5am on a Saturday morning.

They Will Be In Good Shape

How can someone preach what they do not practice?

How can they offer advice or be able to offer their experiences if they have not not shared what you are going through?

Who would you rather buy a boat from?

A fisherman or a marketing exec?

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