Most Steroid Users Are Looking For Aesthetic Not Performance Enhancement

Contrary to popular belief, those who seek to use steroids are not looking for an unfair sporting advantage but are non-athletes merely wanting to look more physically appealing.

The popular conception is that steroids are at the forefront of major, professional sporting competitions with the majority of users looking to gain an unfair advantage over their rivals.

Initially this had elements of truth and it would be naive to suggest this is no longer happening.

However, steroid use is not as prevalent among professional sport as it is among the general public who just want to look good, not win medals or trophies.

These are the opinions and findings of the department of endocrinology and metabolism at St. Louis University, Missouri.

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The typical anabolic steroid user uses steroids for veterinary uses such as boldenone, is in his 20’s and a non competitive weightlifter.

There are estimates of around 6% of the total US male population having used or do use steroids.

0.9% of the male population of the US are long term steroid users whom have developed a dependency most likely due to muscle dysmorphia whereby the person is never satisfied with their body shape and development meaning they can never reach their desired goal.

It is claimed many people are also taking steroids unwittingly from supplements in their quest for more muscle growth and/or fat loss.

Medical professionals become aware of steroid misuse when patients seek medical attention due to presenting the side effects that correlate with steroid use.

A physical examination may all be that is required to reveal to the medical professional whether the patient is a steroid user should they wish not to disclose the information themselves.

Should the user still be misusing steroids physical signs such as:

  1. Increased muscular appearance
  2. High levels of hemoglobin
  3. Low HDL
  4. Baldness
  5. Acne of the torso

Alternatively, those who wish to seek medical help due to displaying the following signs:

  1. Smaller testicles
  2. Infertility
  3. Low sperm count
  4. possible gynecomastia (puffy nipples)

These are signs of someone who has ‘shut down’ and are suffering from a lack of natural testosterone production.

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This could be a sign of long term steroid misuse, however, the body can reverse the negative effects steroid use can produce within a period of a few months and up to 2 years.

However, the biggest concern of steroid misuse among men is a thickening of the heart walls. This can impede normal heart function due to irregular blood flow.

In fact a friend from my rugby club has been diagnosed with this condition.

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