The Protein Works Creatine Mono Chews Review



Creatine Monohydrate is probably the most common strength building supplement after protein and was probably the biggest breakthrough in weight training circles when it was first discovered and researched in the middle of the 20th century.

Natural sources of Creatine can be found in red meat and fish as it is an amino acid, it is found normally in the body, with 95% of it found in the skeletal muscle tissue. The body receives its creatine from food that is eaten, typically 2 grams per day. The body also makes its own creatine in the liver from other amino acids. However, it can be difficult to get the amounts your body needs to really pack on slabs of muscle. Creatine Monohydrate is the synthetic form of Creatine which you can take in much larger doses conveniently and cheaply.

Many other forms of Creatine are knocking about, all being touted (by the manufacturer) as the next big thing and there is no wonder considering the Creatine market alone is worth billions. However, it seems that normal Creatine Monohydrate is pretty unbeatable for effectiveness.

It is an amino acid which increases your body’s ability to produce energy rapidly; you will be able to train harder and faster, in turn your muscles develop – they will become bigger and stronger.

What ewe have noticed is the varying ways of which we can supplement Creatine. Personally I just spoon the powder straight in to my mouth then swallow lots of water but there’s flavored pwder to mix in water, tablets and now these chewable tablets that are blackcurrant flavored, so Creatine Candy..are we about to see muscled kids everywhere?

First look:

All of the products from The Protein Works come in the same, black, orange and white packaging. It is simple, effective and projects a sense of reliability, safety and quality whilst being cost effective. These Mono Chews are presented in a plastic rectangular, flat packaging which is quite novel as they could have just arrived in a aspirin bottle.



Each tablet/chew contains 833.33mg of creatine and 50.76mg of glycine. Suitable for vegetarians but not vegans.

Not entirely sure of the benefits..?


You should take 4 – 5 chews per day. They are hard tablets that aren’t so much chewable as they just crumble once bitten in to. They are a bit chalky but not unpleasant and the flavor is good. They remind me of lucozade energy tablets.


You should start to see the effects fairly quickly if you are new to creatine, especially if you do a loading phase, much of the initial growth will be water as Creatine pulls the water in to your muscle cells but this will gradually become much harder and stronger slabs of muscle. As it takes effect you will be able to push out a couple more reps or a couple more pound of weight on the barbell. One thing to note is that Creatine is much more effective for high intensity exercise such as those heavy lifts and big Rugby or American Football hits. It is not quite as valuable for any sports that require endurance.




You are paying for convenience and the manufacturing process here.  Powder is much cheaper and dissolves easier which is then absorbed by your body quicker than these chews. Therefore for the same price you could get 1kg of Creatine rather than 100 chews which will last you less than a month. That said, these are massively overpriced compared to the Creatine tablets that are offered from ProteinActive even if you cannot chew those.

My Review Conclusion:

These are good if you literally cannot stand mixing powder in to water or juice, hate the taste of flavored powders and or don’t like swallowing tablets. They are not something I would consider a staple if I am being honest due to the cost but for something that sits in your desk or in your car for the odd hit of Creatine as a back up they are alright.  Overall they are a bit of a novelty.



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